Jan 28, 2012

Spring Chick Challenge–Mid Week Check in #4

Hey we’ve been at this 4 weeks. We rock!!!!

Here’s the quick and dirty on me -

1. Exercise


Pre run! Post run! – my hair is wet from sweat not snow! Stats from C25K app.

Go me! I ran outside today for the first time since the Resolution Run. I ran 30 min straight (no walking or rest breaks). I actually can’t remember the last time I ran that long continuously – sometime in November. The app sets up a 5 min warm up, 30 min run and 5 min cool down, so its a 40 min workout in all. My breathing was the best it’s been during exercise in months. I know some of you run every day no matter the weather, but this was a huge obstacle for me to overcome, running in the cold and slush. I am terrified of falling and reinjuring my tailbone and I hate the cold. I was very cautious and went very slowly as it was snowing and the slush on the ground was starting to refreeze. It was also really, really windy. A  couple of times,  I Iost my cap and had to chase it! All in all though, I am feeling proud of getting out there in the snow, cold, wind and slush and for just pushing through. It wasn’t easy, it really felt like I was running for the first time – it took about 2 km for my legs and feet to remember how to run, and when I heard the prompts, “half way there”, “10 minutes left”, “5 minutes left” “1 minute left”, I just kept telling myself I could do this, I have done it before, just don’t stop. Pace was slow, but I am hoping this is Day 1 of my Comeback. Although I can’t say it was enjoyable, it was way better than the same amount of time on the treadmill or elliptical. And now…I’ve got a race to train for people!
I’m meeting blogger Leigh for a walk or possible run/walk tomorrow morning and will try the 30 min again in the afternoon in the weather holds out and it’s not icy.

2. Food
Not so great the last two days. I needed to refocus. I was really tired Thursday and Friday and when that happens, I either eat crap or don’t eat at all because either way, it’s less work. Neither is a good option for me and I went through both scenarios at various points during those two days. Today I am back on track though and am in control. Never underestimate the power of a good night’s sleep!

3. Health
Feeling so much better. We should not take breathing for granted. It’s amazing how much it affects so many aspects of our health.

4. Random stuff
Trying to get a trial crossfit class sorted for next week – that will be my new activity for this week. The Zumba class I wanted to go to was cancelled this morning.

I know you are all just finishing your fourth week so I’m off to read blogs and leave some witty comments.  You’ll hear from me on Wednesday with my Week 4 results.


  1. Congrats on a great run! Way to go. Hope the Cross fit works out.

    And you are very right about not taking breathing for granted. We shouldn't take anything about our health for granted.

  2. Awesome pictures, you look super cute, and great run! Your blog always makes me smile. There are never any excuses, just accountability and LOTS of success! Hurah for crossfit I hope you like it!! xx

  3. great job on your run. I hope to be able to run soon.

  4. Yuck, running in the rain is not fun. Good job sticking with it!

  5. Yup...you've bested me! I still haven't run in any sort of winter weather, even just dry and cold. You did awesome.

  6. AWSOME you! YOU are an inspiration to me!

  7. Fabulousness!!! Love it! Congratulation on four weeks of your challenge.