Jan 26, 2012

To join or not to join….

Back in November I joined a local gym because my running had already dropped off considerably, partly because of an injury and some breathing problems, but mostly because I didn’t like to run in the dark or in the cold. The cold didn’t turn out to be such a problem as we’ve had a mild Winter for the most part, but the dark was. Guenther, my awesome running partner all summer, had far surpassed me in speed and I found I was running alone in the dark. I did it for a week or two, but it made me nervous and and the more I tried to do it, the more reluctant I became to run at all – which wasn’t helping me whilst trying to understand this “running love” that I didn’t have.

Anyway…the point is, I joined the gym to get through the Winter, so I bought a 90 day membership, which will end on February 24th. Part of the joining package included 2 Personal Trainer sessions, a box fit session and of course their spiel on their own nutrition plan and personal training sessions.  It was a good sales pitch and to be truthful, the PT I worked with was a really nice guy, very patient, explained everything to me (the how and the why) and really pushed me to do more than I would have done on my own.

I went back and forth in my head. The nutrition plan is basically a preset meal plan with recipes, grocery lists etc. based on my personal caloric needs and food preferences. It would be nice to be handed something that tells me what to eat and when and not have to think about it, but for the most part – I do this fairly well myself so it’s not needed at all. The PT sounded more like something I’d like to do as I hate going to the gym but I would keep appointments, especially appointments I am paying for and it would be good to learn more about strength training and some of it would be covered by my health benefits.

I started thinking about all the things I have coming up. March 9, me and Leigh start the Learn to Run clinic at the Running Room which is three runs as week.  I have three races between March and May and we also are going to start yoga in March as well.  So…when I would I fit these PT sessions in? And, I still want to learn to swim, the session for January was cancelled due to low participation, so I’m hoping the March session is a go.

I have always believed that what gets me to my goal weight will also be what keeps me there. This means that if I get to my goal by doing some crazy schedule of a workout every night, I’ll have to keep that to maintain my weight. It’s not realistic and I know myself.  3-4 workouts a week is doable and sustainable.

After weighing everything, I realised I would like to do some PT sessions but only to the point that my benefits would cover it – I don’t want to spend money on that right now. My membership runs out February 24th so until then I will make the most of the gym – aquafit, zumba, treadmill, elliptical, weight machines etc. and also try and fit in some PT sessions. Once March hits, I will have enough activity to help get me fitter and smaller.

Guenther and CarbTripper have also got me curious about Crossfit, so that maybe something else to explore once I get my health issues sorted.


  1. It is very interesting and timely that you posted this. I am feeling like I am at a crossroads in terms of the next step or two in my fitness I need to follow your example and do some real soul searching.

  2. Totally agree with "what gets me to my goal weight will also be what keeps me there." Well said!

  3. I am signing up for the CrossFit tonight!! Time will only tell if its my silver bullet!

    1. I'm still trying to work out a trial session. Will let you know!!!

      Good for you for finding something that interests you!

  4. Thanks for your thoughts here, Enz. I also joined a gym for the winter and am at a point that I need to decide by 1/31 if I'm staying or leaving. It's an expensive gym, and I'm not sure I'll use it enough to warrant the huge monthly feel. I've only gone a handful of times since November, usually preferring to walk. But I don't get the strength training at home (rather don't DO it) the way I do at the gym.

    Anyway, I always appreciate your thoughts and hope you're feeling better each day. The quote Matt referred to is so GOOD! A keeper!

  5. I'm hearing a lot about crossfit these days, will have to look into it!

  6. Join my gym! I'll keep you busy:) Running, yoga, what more could you need?