Aug 5, 2016

Friday again

In some ways this week flew by, in others it dragged.

After sleeping really well for several weeks, this week I am plagued by restlessness and insomnia and I am feeling it today!  I have a meeting from 2-3 but then I will be going home right after and hopefully napping.

No major plans for the weekend - rest, housework, yadda yadda yadda.

Forgot to weigh myself this morning so I will check tomorrow but I am wearing a shirt that at Easter was too tight in the arms and shoulders and now fits very well, so I know I've lost some weight since then!

Good eating day yesterday.  Fish (with the batter pulled off) and a handful of french fries and a protein shake for dinner.  

Even though I had little sleep, I woke up feeling less lethargic and bloated than the past two days.

I've got the food down, now I need to start the walking again and make use of my fancy schmancy FitBit Blaze!

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