Aug 3, 2016

Pizza Regret

I left my lunch at home yesterday and was in an all day meeting with lunch provided - pizza and chicken wings. I hate wings. Uck. Fatty, gross, chicken skin, dark meat -ugh ugh ugh. Pizza on the other hand, I love!  I had one slice and ate the apple and almond butter I had brought as a snack. One slice of a medium pizza.  Dinner did not include grains or sugar.

This morning I woke up with brain fog and an upset stomach.  I feel awful.

I had my protein shake for breakfast and I will have a salad with chicken for lunch. Dinner will be something light, maybe leftover salad or some vegetable soup.  I cannot tell you in enough detail how upset my stomach is right now.

Later: Stomach still upset. I had a salad for lunch with chicken, feta cheese, quinoa (which I tried to pick around) and lots of greens and some walnuts. It was good. My stomach doesn't think so though. Ugh. I hate feeling like this.

Really just want to go home and crash for a few hours. I also didn't sleep well last night for the first time in several weeks. I tossed and turned all night; too hot, too cold, not comfortable...on and on.  I might just have a nap when I get home if Liam isn't home and I am not making dinner right away. I had a late lunch and with my stomach like this can hold off for dinner or not even cook at all, maybe just have some fruit.

Not much else happening in my world.

Since my last post, Liam and I have moved into a small, but cozy, basement apartment with washer/dryer, dishwasher and central A/C.  This is a huge step up from where we used to live and although we compromised on space in some areas, it is nice to have these amenities as well as a huge kitchen with lots and lots of counter space and a double sink. If you have ever lived with a galley kitchen and one sink, then you know how overjoyed our new kitchen makes me :)  IT is actually nice to cook and have room to do so without tripping over each other. We only run the dishwasher twice a week at most but it is nice to have. It is such a luxury not to have to haul laundry up and down 4 flights of stairs AND this apartment is cheaper than the other one.  I park right outside our door and our landlady is awesome. She just replaced our stove because it broke (yes, I know she's responsible for the stove, but a lot of landlords would have tried to fix it or stalled, she replaced it within a week).

All in all, life is good.

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