Oct 31, 2017

Happy Birthday and Happy Halloween

My birthday weekend was quite low key which was perfect after the hustle and bustle of the last few weeks.

My oldest son came and spent the weekend with us and he barbecued on Sunday afternoon so it was a nice birthday dinner of burgers, hotdogs, chicken and salad.  I made a cake from a sugar free cake mix we had it with homemade whipped cream and frozen berries.  It was lovely and just perfect.

I spent Saturday night reading my new book  while the 'boys' went out to a Halloween party.  The peace and quiet was sublime :)

On Sunday we went to a local park and my son's girlfriend took some photos of myself and my boys.  They asked me what I wanted for my birthday and that's what I asked for, some nice photos.  I'll post a few when I get them from Shayne.

Yesterday, my actual birthday, I had made plans to get a pedicure/manicure/eyebrows and go to dinner with a friend, but I decided to cancel all that and just stay home and I have no regrets. I did some housework, which was much needed because it feels like I have not been home for two days in a row in months (which I haven't!) and there was lots to do....but there was no rush and I just puttered about.  I threw a frozen pizza in the oven for dinner for me and Liam and we had that with leftover cake for dinner so it was a very low key day.  I got caught up with Discovery (Star Trek) and read some more, took a nap, organized my dresser - a productive but non-stress day. Perfect!

Today is Halloween and since we have  separate entrance to our apartment, I normally give out candy but this year I gave it all to my landlady (who lives upstairs) and she will give it out with hers and I think I may go do the pedi/mani/eyebrows since the salon and mall are bound to be less busy than normal tonight.

At work, we have a daycare in our building so we normally decorate and dress up and hand out candy to the parade of little ones who come through.  I wore Halloween pajamas today. Normally I am off on this day but since I am off later in the week for a conference, from Thursday to Sunday,  I needed to come in to get caught up.

This is my last 'crazy' week and then life goes back to normal. My YMCA membership starts up again next week and I will find time to start attending meetings which were supposed to help me get through this season, when in fact, I've gained weight since I started meetings!  There is no correlation there except for crappy timing on my part. Having said that, I am not sure I will continue with meetings after my subscription ends in January, I may go back to online as it did work for me for quite a long time and with my regular YMCA trips, I did quite well. I will reevaluate after the holidays. Right now, I just want to get through this weekend and get back to my normal life.

I have Monday off and I am planning to go to the Y to an Aquafit class and hit the treadmill and bike in the morning.  And if our Fall weather holds up for a few more days I can get a hike in the afternoon before it gets dark.  Next week our clocks go back so it will be very dark before 5 p.m.

Nothing new to report on the weight loss front. Maintaining around 190-193 lbs and glad to have stopped the gaining upward but definitely need to refocus and recommit. 


  1. Happy Birthday. It sounds like a wonderful weekend. I love the PJs, definitely need to get something like that.

    I'm glad life will be slowing down for you soon. Looking forward to reading about your adventures at the Y.

  2. Happy birthday!!!!!! It sounds like you had a good one :)

  3. HAPPY BIRTHDAY ! Love the outfit! November is new, fresh and full of possibilities! Let's lose weight!

  4. Happy birthday! I love that Halloween outfit! Halloween is my favorite holiday. I was just thinking last night about making some homemade whipped cream, so it's funny you mentioned it. My stepkids said they've never had it, and I wanted to surprise them this weekend.