Oct 12, 2017

Weigh In Week 56

Are you freaking kidding me??!!!

This is not my regular weigh in day but is a week after my last one.  The next one will go back to my regular Friday or Saturday.
I am off to Vegas tonight!!!!! 
What a week it has been!
I left for Rochester last Thursday afternoon and came home Saturday evening. It was an awesome few days away and I came back feeling mentally recharged.  Unfortunately it rained both days but we did get a 12km walk along a boardwalk and pier in between the rain on Friday. Saturday it was just too wet (for our sensibilties!) and I was also having issues with my hip so we mall walked and shopped :)
I went with a friend who recently had WLS so it was easy to stick to a healthy eating plan because she didn't want to do restaurants and I didn't NEED to eat at restaurants to have a good time.  We actually ended up eating breakfast from the hotel buffet (boiled eggs and coffee for me) and lunch was just out and about (protein bar and an apple) and dinner picked up Boston Market takeout where I could have early Thanksgiving dinner without having to cook it (turkey breast, stuffing, green beans). Yep, I splurged on the stuffing!  It was worth it, even though it was probably just Stove Top.
We got home early Saturday evening and I pretty much crashed.  Sunday morning I rushed to make my homemade stuffing to take to our Thanksgiving dinner at my son Iain's and pick up some groceries before heading to Toronto for the afternoon. Sunday was also my wedding anniversary so I was a bit down and teary when I first woke up but then the busy-ness of the day took over.  It was a long day though and Monday I pretty much just watched Netflix and read my new book and did NOTHING.
Back to work on Tuesday and my desk was a disaster. I was determined not to stress though and just sorted through the piles, made lists and prioritized. I only had 2 1/2 days, so clearly, some stuff would have to wait. Normally I stress and go mad trying to catch up, this time I just let it be.
Tuesday night I got out for an hour hike before it got dark.  Evening walks/hikes are going to ending very soon, it's dark by 7 p.m. now and the trails are just too dark.  Even the moonlight doesn't penetrate the trees enough . I do have hiking lamps but I am not sure how safe it is, last year there was a series of assaults on the trails so I don't feel too confident and it's very isolated and with little visibility beyond the trail into the trees. My YMCA membership starts up again in a few weeks though so it will be back to the treadmill most evenings.
Well I have to go pack for Vegas! Talk to you next week!
Some photos from our 12km walk through Turning Point Park in Rochester.


  1. Beautiful photos. You certainly are busy and I'm proud of you for getting in the exercises and staying focused on good eating habits.

  2. Pretty - and I really need to find a good friend who is also a positive influence on my diet... ENJOY VEGAS! Win big; and then you won't have to worry about that pile on your desk...:)

  3. It sounds like you are having lots of fun!!!! Well, except for the scale being stupid that one day and your desk being a mess. I guess those are just little annoyances though.

    Enjoy Vegas and don't go broke! :)