Oct 2, 2017

Weigh In Week 54


Note: I meant to post this on Saturday but forgot, so this is actually last week's update.

Round and round she goes and where she stops nobody knows!

How did this week go? I am still not 'in the game' but this week I was more conscious of the little things I had let slip over the last few months that add up to big things - drinking less water, not walking for my minimum 30 min every day, less sleep, not pre-tracking/pre-planning meals, not having fruit or a protein bar with me all the time......alone each one is not a big deal but for sure, all of those things together were contributing.  I am a big believer in small changes adding up to big results and although I believe it, I think I stopped practising it.

So I made all these changes and saw success and over time,  I have unmade those changes so it's time to make them again, just like I did last time - one by one.

I just feel....TIRED and I am not sure why. I don't mean physically tired (although there is that too) - I am not sure what I mean.  Thanksgiving is coming up which coincides with my wedding anniversary and this year would have been 29 years.  It's hard.   And I turn 50 this year, maybe it's a mid-life crisis.

October is usually my favourite month (Thanksgiving/Wedding Anniversary/Birthday) but this year I am just dreading it and I have made so many plans!

October 5-6-7 I am going to Rochester, NY with a friend for a hiking/shopping/spa trip, October 12-16 I am off to Las Vegas for the first time as part of my birthday gift to myself and then the 30th is my birthday so the weekend before that I will probably do something special with my sons.
Hopefully I can snap out of this funk somewhere south of 200 lbs.  Maybe I will hit the jackpot in Vegas or find a Sugar Daddy.  Maybe pigs will fly :)

Then the first weekend of November I have a conference at Niagara Falls.

Breathe in. Breathe out. Repeat.


  1. Sounds like you have a busy month! I love Halloween, so I like October because of that. Your NY trip sounds like a lot of fun.

  2. You have so much going on! I hope you have the time to breathe once in a while!

  3. You mentioned my 3 loves in life: hiking, Niagara Falls, and sugar daddies!

  4. It's my favorite month.

    You will be busy, but there is plenty of room for success. You're prepared and that is a great part of the battle.

  5. Have you considered that you may be depressed? Having fun things to do and not being excited; a general malaise, apathy? Just a thought. I have had several bouts in my life and I'm always on guard. I'm living proof that 50 is survivable. Looks like self care is on the agenda - hiking/spa? ENJOY! VEGAS? Not a big fan, but ENJOY IT! Continue to keep your long term goals in mind; practice, practice, practice... You've proven time and again that YOU CAN DO THIS! Results over time!!!