Apr 16, 2012

…and then keep doing it!

Day 2 of my Reboot. Work days are easier to manage because the day is so structured. Calories and fluids were on target, carbs will end up around 50 for the day. I had zero caffeine today and before the run only 30 g of carbs. I did feel I had to push my legs a little harder, but it wasn’t crazily impossible.

Running clinic practice was 4 sets of 5/1 at the rail trail. We did 3.5 km including a warm up and cool down walk.

There is a steep downhill then immediately uphill again (kind of like a little valley) and then a gradual  incline. It is hard to keep the pace going up those hills, but we did pretty good, I think.  Our overall pace was 9:39 min/km which is slightly better than yesterday but our walk time was less and we had two very steep down hills to pick up time. The unfortunate thing is that Nike+ doesn’t allow me to distinguish between walk/run intervals but by replaying the sequence, I can see we were under 8 min/km most of the time during the runs.






Leigh C. said...

I SO WISH I WAS THERE!!!!!!! I feel so out of the running loop, just by missing one:( Crazy huh?

Nanette said...

Good job on the run! I love the stats! (graph nerd!)

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