Apr 18, 2012

Wings On My Feet

http://www.runnerspace.com/blogs.php?blog_id=157That’s how I felt on tonight's run. Since I started running last July with Guenther , this is my third time that I have felt awesome both during running and after running.

Normally, the whole time I’m running, I’m questioning the wisdom of running and wondering what possesses me to keep doing this and how much longer do I have to do this for anyway? When it’s over, I feel pretty good – but not sure if its because its over, or because I feel accomplished.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not fast by any means…but sometimes I feel fast.

Sometimes, It's like my legs go on autopilot for a little while and just run on their own and I can concentrate on breathing and keeping my focus straight ahead, my core solid and just go. But tonight the whole run was like that and it seemed to go by so quickly!

I felt pretty good right at the outset of our run tonight and I attributed it to the route which is a gradual down hill incline (Cootes Drive).   But by the third interval I was still feeling amazing and recovering very quickly in the 1 minute walk interval.  We had decided to do 4 sets of 5/1 but after the fourth one we took a bit of longer walk break and then did another interval of 5 minutes running. About half way through the 5th interval, I was starting to doubt I could finish it. Leigh was our official time keeper and she fibbed about the time just long enough to help me push through the last interval. Thanks Leigh!

Our instructor, Carol, is awesome, always challenging us but not pushing in an obnoxious, competitive way.  Tanya also runs with us and I love her quirky sense of humour, she often has me laughing so I don’t even notice the time go by.

So end of run, we had done 5 sets of 5/1 plus a warm up walk and a cool down walk. Our total distance was 4.97 km.

imageOh before I forget, I want to give a shout out and a huge Congratulations to Guenther, who ran 5k in under 30 min the other day. He started running in July with me and put in the work, the time and sweat to meet this goal. He is proof that if you want something and you’re willing to put in the work – you can get there.  He is a huge inspiration to me.


  1. That must have been a great feeling!

  2. We actually only walked for a minute in between the 4th and 5th sets. And I am a compulsive liar when it comes to giving you run times. I did it last Friday too:) But you did it! Thanks for inspiring me and continuing to push me. You're the best:)

  3. What an amazing feeling. I hope to have that again someday. Big Congrats to your friend. That's a huge accomplishment.

  4. When you can feel that way about exercise, then it's worth it. Good victory!

  5. It is always worth it afterwards! That's the best feeling ever, and such a reward!

  6. That feeling is exactly why I love to run. The moment when you realize that you've just been going for a while, and you could probably just continue...LOVE that.


  7. I have moments of "this is great" when I'm running sometimes (over the last 3 weeks). There was a podcast I was listening to that talked about images and training techniques to make sure you have good steps. When I get mentally stuck, I try to remember those images and tricks - like lifting up your toes in your shoes, it shortens your stride, but keeps you from landing on the heel too hard or dragging your feet.

    One of the best thoughts was Running is an UP motion. Don't think about pushing off the ground. Think about lifting your knees and feet. It puts my brain in an arsis motion place and relieves some of that mental stress.

  8. I love that you sometimes feel fast, that's awesome.

  9. 29 min's of why, for 1 min of....that feeling (different for everyone)!!...great job!!..remember you helped me get rolling and your writing lately is a reminder that I need to stay on the path!! Keep it going, your doing great, and I appreciate the kind comments. <3

  10. Love that you felt this way! I imagine that is what keeps you going...the awesome feeling.

    Hope your weekend is going well!

    Congrats to Guenther on his great time!