Apr 12, 2012

What a Week!

It's been a crazy week. It started off with feeling  really, really, really tired on Friday and mostly doing nothing but some low level housework and watching television all day - which I never ever do (the TV part, not the housework part).  I pretty much squandered about 12 hours alternately dozing and watching food porn. I had zero appetite and a wicked headache that carried through til Monday afternoon.

As the weekend wore on, I felt more and more tired and "sick".  I cooked a lovely Easter dinner on Sunday but had no inclination to eat it - I picked at it and packed up a ton of leftovers, much to the glee of my youngest son who spent the next three days eating them because I was not up to doing anything from Mon-Wed. I did go out and try and run Monday night - if you can call the ridiculously slower than normal shuffle I was doing - running. Leigh was wonderful to put up with me and stick with me for the intervals.

Anyway long story short, I've eaten very little this week except for Liptons Chicken Noodle Soup and saltines. Let's just call it salt dissolved in water. Today I feel more human but definitely am bloated and retaining sodium and water, my hands and feet are swollen and I feel like a beached whale.  I highly doubt I'm going to see any kind of loss on Saturday morning. Whatever gain there is, I know will be temporary but I just hate seeing it. Today was a better eating day but still not 100%. It turns out I had a reaction to a new diabetes medication that both upset my stomach so I was vomiting everything I was  eating/drinking as well as it causing my blood sugar to go far too low and major headaches.

For anyone who has any type of metabolic disorder, undereating is very very bad - just as bad as overeating and just as hard to recover from both metabolically and emotionally.

I'm planning a hot bath, a good night's sleep and an on plan day tomorrow and my normal Friday night running clinic. Keeping my fingers crossed life is back to normal tomorrow.


illiterate said...

As I was reading this I was going to comment on how you've been pretty sick a couple of times in a short period but I guess it's the medication then? I hope its getting worked out. Remember, it's not really about the weight - more about being healthy - so take care of yourself! I know it may seem disappointing if you don't have a loss this week, but you should look at your history. Excuses are bad, but this isn't an excuse it's a reason. You've shown time and again that you can/will/do put in the work needed. I have no doubt as soon as you're feeling better you'll be right back on track. I really hope you're feeling better soon, you're my fit-bloggy hero! xx

P.S. Wish you could have come to the park workout, would have made it 100x better!

Kimberley said...

Down with big pharma! ;) Hope you adjust to the medication and that you feel better.

Enz said...

Thanks guys! @illiterate - my endocrinologist has been adjusting my meds for both diabetes and thyroid disorder over the last few months, finding the right balance isn't going so well and it's causing all sorts of issues with fatigue, lethargy, stomach issues - but overall I DO feel better than I have since last summer and I don't mean to sound whiny and poor me! Sorry about that!

Leigh C. said...

You may not have been feeling well at Monday and Wednesday's runs, but you still kicked ass! Don't you remember the mountain we ran up and down on Wednesday...twice! With the extra interval? I hope everything levels out soon. Nothing is worse than feeling like shite:)

illiterate said...

You don't sound whiny at all! It's the opposite. You're so dedicated, I feel awful that you're getting sick. Medications can be tricky though, I feel you there. I found out I was allergic to penicillin by taking a whole lot of it when I had tonsillitis as a kid. Not fun! Seriously, best wishes in all of this, I want you to feel better!

Sharon said...

Sorry you had a bummer of an Easter. Sending get well wishes.

Nanette said...

I love the salt + water combo when I'm sick too... If you can get some potassium rich foods in there now you're feeling a bit better, you'll be able to help some of that salt out of your system. :)

Susie said...

Oh gosh, that sounds so awful, poor you! :( I noticed you hadn't posted as much on myfitnesspal, but didn't know you were that sick.

Really hope you feel better tomorrow! xx

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