Apr 15, 2012

Just Do It

Nike says it best.




This was our week for 5/1 at the Running Clinic. The program is to do three sets of 5 minutes running and 1 minute walking.  We did four sets because we’re pushing for a 5k race at the end of April so we’re trying to make sure we are training for that.

Today we ran Cootes Drive which starts out all downhill, then we turn and come back all uphill – gradual incline both ways. It was a good workout. Despite “not feeling it” when I woke up this morning, once I got out there and met up with Leigh and our instructor Carol, I was good to go.  This “run” included a 3 min warm up walk, then the four sets of 5/1 and about a 7 min cool down walk, hence the overall average pace. Our actual run pace was around 8:30 m/km pretty steadily, even going up hill.

Tomorrow night we do it again, but will run the rail trail which has short, steep hills rather than a gentle incline.

I started tracking in MFP again this morning as well. I had just been tracking on paper since last Monday.

Today I am going to spend this rainy day cooking and prepping for the week ahead.

There’s a blog I read that absolutely motivates me and it seems that Dayne always posts exactly the message I need to hear when I need to hear it. Today’s post definitely struck home.

If you don’t read him, check him out. I have also downloaded some of his audio messages to my iPhone and I listen to them on the train on days I am feeling in particular need of a pep talk.

Coach Your Mind.


Gunnie said...

Cootes going south is a great training run. I did that Saturday from the Can Tire to Mac 2x for a total of 8.5 kms (I turned early on my last pass otherwise its a 10k route). You will see your strength increase greatly if you keep running that route! Good job getting out there!

Dayne Gingrich said...

Thank you so much for your kind words and link! I'm humbled that you stop by Coach Your Mind regularly and you're downloading my audio tracks. Please, please never hesitate to ask if you need anything!

Continuous 1% Success to you!

Leslie said...

I love where you said you weren't feeling it when you first woke up, but once you showed up, you were good to go. So true - we get over that emotional hurdle of the first step, it's almost always just fine.

After I post this comment, I'm going to check out Dayne's post - sounds intriguing.

Sharon said...

That sounds exhausting lol lol. But doing to with someone else helps doesn't it!!

Maren said...

I agree with Leslie! Some days I don't feel it too, but when we can just do it anyway it's always good!

Blog Wobble said...

Isn't Nike+ awesome?! I love it and use it every day.
Looks like you are doing great, keep it up :)

Kimberley said...

Getting there is half the battle...once you are there, you have won. I listened to Dayne even though I don't like listening...I prefer reading, but since you found him inspirational, I thought I would give him a whirl. I liked it! Thanks for the link.

Great work on prepping!!! Have a fabulous week!

Tamara said...

I'm so glad you bounced back from your hard week. I've been using my Nike + for my walks lately. I love it. My back is not quite up for running yet. You're really hanging in there! It can be really hard getting back on track after being ill but you are doing it and that's fantastic.

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