Mar 22, 2009

Update and one day at a time...

Den is still in ICU but definitely on the road to recovery. He has come down with pneumonia which is being treated with antibiotics and tylenol for fever. His breathing is ragged because of that so he is on a breathing tube so he has been sedated since the surgery, but in terms of the aneurysm he is on the right road. There seems to be no neurological damage and he is responsive to the nurses' commands to move his limbs, eyes, head etc. The incision is healing well and the CT scans do not show any signs of bleeding or vasospasm.

One day at a time...

Tomorrow is back to work for me and school for the kids. There was literally no food in the house since Den normally does the groceries and I've not been home all week except to sleep. I think it will do the boys good to have some normalcy back in their life.

We'll have dinner at home each night then go to the hospital for an hour, luckily it is about a half hour drive from where we live so we can go every night.

So tomorrow, I am planning on eating "normally" for the first time in a week and getting back on track. I've gained back 2.5 lbs but I know I will lose it again.

Thank you for your notes of support and encouragement, it means alot.

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  1. I'm glad things are going relatively well. I've still got you all in my prayers.