May 14, 2010

No sugar = No cravings

Simple formula huh?

TOM started this morning and I didn't even notice the date, you know why? The week before was not filled with sugar / carb cravings that reminded me the monthly event was due.

The last two weeks I have drastically reduced not only my sugar intake but also my aspartame/sucralose intake. I seriously think I was addicted to Diet Pepsi and Coke Zero, I thought it was the caffeine, but I don't drink coffee/tea in the same way. I think it was the artificial sweeteners. Now this isn't meant to be an opening to discuss the merits and dangers of various sweeteners.  My endocrinologist says they are safe in moderation and I trust her so I go with that. I can't say I ever believed they triggered cravings, but now that I have drastically reduced both sugar and the sweeteners I can honestly say I feel and see a difference in my body. I don't wake up in the morning "wanting" a diet coke. I don't "want" one mid afternoon. I sometimes have a coffee or tea and that doesn't make me "need" a diet coke.

In terms of sugar, I didn't eat alot of sugar to begin with because I'm diabetic, but there are lots of ways to get sugar without eating candy and sweets - bread, rice, pasta, too many fruits, lots of vegetables are high in sugar, almost anything packaged/processed, even honey and agave syrup are sugar even if they are natural forms.

I've never gone this long before, I've done a week before then fell off the wagon - I'm now into my third week and it's not an effort now to walk past the cookies and donuts set out by the coffee maker each day. Last week I picked one up, took a bite and waited a few minutes. Nope..didn't NEED or WANT the rest and tossed it. I don't hear them calling to me - maybe they have forgotten my name.

I'd like to say I'll never go back to eating sugar the way I used to. But I know how life I'm going to say that TODAY, I'm not going to have sugar or artificial sweetener. That's my promise to myself.


Kyle Gershman said...

I know that some simply can't have sugar and others it isn't an issue for. I don't have an issue with it personally....While I haven't read a ton on the subject, I haven't seen anything that would explain what is physiologically different between those that are sugar tolerant and intolerant. Best wishes on your approach!

The Incredible Shrinking Family said...

Congratulations ! It is always so empowering to battle against something that your gut tells you is bad or wrong for you and win. In almost every case, our instincts point directly to the very thing that we need to deal with and other sources just plain miss.

Genie @ Diet of 51 said...

Way to go, Enz! I've heard that the artificial sweeteners rev up the sugar cravings, and it sounds like you have conducted your own conclusive case study in that. We all have to figure out what works for and against our bodies and our goals, so congrats for this success in your journey!

Have a great sugar-free weekend!

dawne said...

Today is all you have to concern yourself with Enz! I'm so happy that this is working for you.

Glam,Glitz&Gut said...

You're one strong woman Enz!!

Kimberley said...

When I stop eating sugar I have severe withdrawal for a few day and then I am perfect. After that it takes one bite for me to go back to where I was before. Glad it is working out for you right now.

Matt said...

Good job on the one bite!

Candace said...

Good job on the sugar-its a hard habit to kick thats for sure.

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