May 1, 2010

More from the past

Tomorrow I am meeting an old friend from high school for coffee.
I am 100lbs heavier now than I was at 18.
He (ok, if it wasn't a he maybe I wouldn't be angsting quite so much!) looks better now than he did in high school. He was a tall, lanky, geeky kid - now he's a tall, handsome, rugged man.
I'm just sayin' - that if I had my choice I'd be 120 lbs of cuteness instead of 220 lbs of cuteness.
And yes, I know looks aren't important - I'm still smarter than him and my eyes are still bluer :P~
And I'm sure once I see him and we start talking, I will forget about that as I try to out Star Trek triviatize him.

Hope your Saturday is going well.


  1. I wish you a good visit Enz. I hope you're working through all of this "past" stuff.

  2. Enjoy your visit and I know where you are coming from totally and completely - sighs.

  3. I totally know where you are coming from. A couple of years ago when I spotted someone from my past I jumped into a clothing rack at Walmart-yeah hows that for good self-esteem.