Mar 5, 2012

Just another Manic Monday

March 5, 2012 Goal Actual
Calories 1540 1087
WW Points Plus 26-29 26
Carbs (net) <50 43
Fluids/Water 100 oz 116 oz

Back to a normal day after yesterday’s carbfest. I was a bit worried I’d have carb hangover this morning, but I didn’t. I guess in reality, 100 or so carbs is still quite a bit less than my old normal and it was just one meal so I seemed to metabolise it ok. I definitely didn’t have cravings or the carb hungries afterwards yesterday or at all today and I was fully expecting it to happen and was ready to fight the feelings away.

Results of the EAYGWC are in for Week 1. Yes, that’s me at the bottom of the ranking. I’m not a “big loser” but I am happy to keep chipping away.  Great group of losers in this challenge – it’s going to be so much fun and so motivating to see the losses each week. It’s definitely keeping me focused on tracking, carb counting and getting enough water/fluid each day.

Thank you for all your kind comments on yesterday’s post. I am, in fact, 44. Liam is 15 and Iain will be 18 in July.  They are not incredibly tall – I am incredibly short – barely hitting 5 feet. Liam is about 5’8” and Iain is about 5’10” – thankfully they take after their father for height!

Today I was pondering a dilemma. I have a doctor appointment after work tomorrow and because of the timing, if I took the train home, I wouldn’t be home til almost 9 p.m. Since I get up at 430, and then travel two hours back to work – it seemed kind of silly. I have a friend in Toronto that I can stay with occasionally if I need to stay overnight so I decided to do that. But then – what about food???? What would I eat at work on Wednesday after leaving her home on Wednesday morning without my normal breakfast, lunch and two snacks packed and going directly to work?

Sometimes I am incredibly or smart – or stupid if you figure out how long it took me to figure out this simple but ingenious plan!  Tomorrow, I will take two days worth of food with me to work and leave Wednesday’s food in the fridge at work for Wednesday. Now the only meal I need to worry about is tomorrow’s dinner and that will most likely be some form of takeout because she doesn’t cook and I have offered to cook in the past and I know she doesn’t like me to do that – so – I will just have a salad and some kind of protein wherever we go.

Problem solved!

I may not post my calorie counts tomorrow night – but I will definitely catch up on Wednesday night.


  1. Oh wow! Our family is kinda the opposite. I'm the shortest at 5'10"... The tallest, my brother at 6'7"!

    I'm glad you've planned ahead. Super smart! :)

  2. Have fun in the big city!

    A flax/chia "bagel" is something I found at Goodness Me. Since it was gluten/grain free and only had two net carbs I decided to try it. It is shaped like a bagel, but is only about a quarter of an inch thick...blargh!