Mar 30, 2012

Redemption Run

Tonight we ran 3/1 at the Running Room and although the weather was crappy (blinding hail and freezing rain and it was cold, cold, cold!) – it actually felt better. I drank a lot more water today (even more than I usually do!)  and saved my carbs for later in the day - closer to my run time, and I had a coffee about an hour and a half before running so these may have contributed as well. 

My new shoes came in but disappointingly they didn't fit as well as I was expecting. I did end up getting a new pair of Nikes that feel like I am standing on a cloud and they are girl-pretty :)  They are Air Max Moto+9. They're black and hot pink!
I can't wait to wear them on Sunday for our second set of 3/1.

The Running Room was having a sidewalk sale and I had a 20% off coupon and a $10 off coupon , so I did really, really well in terms of pricing and value.  You know, the staff there is so helpful and are not pushy about sales at all.

Tomorrow is Weight Watchers in the morning and weigh in of course, once I get below 198 I will feel safely in Onederland and it will be my new lowest weight since I started all this. It’s slow but steady, my weight is going down and I am doing all the right things and getting healthier and fitter day by day which was my original goal. Tomorrow afternoon, Leigh and I are doing our first Gentle Yoga class then Sunday morning is Running Clinic again.  I’ll probably run on my own on Saturday and do 10/1s. I’m slowly working my way through the Bridge to 10K program. I want to be better prepared for the 5ks coming up in April and May. So looking forward to do these with my Running Clinic girl crew – Leigh, Bev and Tanya!

I’ve been doing really well with calories and water - exercise is good – no idea how many calories I actually burn exercising – but I figure it’s gotta be doing something! Carbs are still around 45-50 grams per day, which is low, but I don’t think low enough to make a difference in my metabolism.  My carbs are coming from vegetables, one serving fruit a day and non fat Greek Yogurt and coffee cream. I had half a slice of rye bread last night but I’ve had no sugar, pasta, rice, potatoes in weeks and I don’t actually miss them right now.  I smell Cinnabon every morning and afternoon as I go through Union Station and although it pulls a little heartstring, I’m not tempted to stop at all. 

I’m starting to feel myself get caught up in the number on the scale again and that is always a downfall or me. I have to focus on eating right and exercising and remember that losing weight is a by product of those behaviours.

I can control what I put into my mouth and how much I move my body – I can’t control when it decides to drop the weight.

When I lose sight of this, I get discouraged and mentally give up and that is a spiral I don’t want to start.

I’m also noticing my waist and collar bones are more pronounced – these are good things!

I sorted through a bunch of clothes and packed up  all my 18s and 20s. No idea why I was hanging on to 20s, they are way, way too big – even the tops are beyond ridiculous now.  I can still wear a few pieces of my 18s (smaller cuts) but I’ve donated pretty much all of them. I also went through my running shoes and am donating the ones I no longer wear to a charity that the Running Room collects for and sorted out all my shoes/sandals for a friend to go through and have first pick, then the rest are going to Goodwill or Value Village on the weekend. My closet looks so neat and empty now! I’m looking forward to all new Winter clothes next Fall.

I just felt the need to just purge stuff this week. I have got about 50 books packed up to go as well. It must be Spring although you wouldn’t know it from the weather!

My schedule is busy and active until mid- May then I’ll decide if I want to do another clinic with the Running Room and figure out which summer events I’ll sign up for.

Monday -  Run with Leigh
Wednesday – Running Room Practice Run
Friday  – Running Room Clinic
Saturday- Yoga with Leigh  and run on my own
Sunday– Running Room Practice Run and hike or walk

Two confirmed events: The Chocolate Race – April 29 and Starbucks Hazel 5k – May 8 and I am really leaning towards the Yonge Street 10k as well.


  1. You rocked tonight my dear:) And so quick with the blog post. You are the wind beneath my wings:):):) Great deals too. Can't beat a $90 jacket for $5!

  2. Yay to new shoes! I will be packing up some of my big clothes and making a drop off to Value Village as well. Yippee!!!

    Have fun at yoga and enjoy the weekend!

  3. I need to buy a new pair of shoes! Good luck with your upcoming runs! Have a wonderful weekend

  4. the collar bones!!! yes.. I love it when I notice them change or become more prominent. Those kind of little changes can keep me going for weeks! :)