Mar 29, 2012


Thanks for all your lovely comments on my last post about the Around the Bay 5k.
Let’s be honest though – 45 min for 5k is not a great time, not even a good time. It’s way, way slower than  average. 35 min is average. 30 minutes is pretty good, less than 30 minutes, for a casual runner, is excellent.
I’m not fooling myself here. Most people, including me, can walk 5k in just about an hour. My fastest time to run (jog) 5k is 42:29 min.
Considering less than 9 months ago I could barely run 60 seconds without collapsing, running 10 mins at a stretch 4 times (without collapsing) is not too shabby. And consider how sick I was all Fall/Winter and only trained for 3 weeks for this race, and it was the hardest course I’ve ever done – it’s not a bad time for me and my abilities so far. But in the grand scheme of “running” - it’s not too impressive. All in the perspective I guess.
I’ve decided to make it a goal to complete 5k under 40 minutes by the Resolution Run, December 21, 2012. What does it take to get there? Like anything else in life – practice, repetition, practice, repetition. To run better, you have to run.  Of course, it will also be easier when I’m lighter!
At last night’s running clinic we finished off our last set of 2/1 – run two minutes, walk one minute – and it was hard. I really, really struggled last night. I am never going to be the fastest in the pack, but I can usually keep up and hold my own. By the 4th interval I was really really struggling and falling behind. By the last interval I was a good 100 m behind everyone else.  It’s not competitive or a race, so that’s not my issue, my issue is – what the heck was wrong with me last night?
Sometimes I have bad runs, but I can figure out why – not hydrated, physically or mentally tired, shoes hurt – blah blah.  But last night, I felt good but just couldn’t seem to get a good pace and keep it, my legs felt like they weighed a ton.
Friday nights we move to 3/1 – keep your fingers crossed that they don’t have to send a search party for me when they realise I’m not with them back at the store!
Leigh and I are going to throw in a Monday night run too.  When I did C25K, we did 4 workouts a week and I think it helped a lot in terms of endurance.
My friend Melissa, is trying to talk me into doing the Yonge Street 10k and I am almost convinced.
What’s holding me back?
·         I’ve never done more than 5k and as I’ve mentioned, I’m not GOOD at 5k yet.
·         It would be the first of three weeks of races.
·         It’s on a Sunday and I’d have to work the next day.
·         Entrance fee – although individual races are reasonable – it adds up quickly when you start to do multiple ones.
·         I’m terrified of failing. Not sure what failing means in this context though – when I can’t run anymore I can surely walk the rest of the way and still finish – I am pretty sure I can’t do 10/1 for the entire 10k.
On the plus side?
·         Melissa and I run at about the same pace and it is fun to have someone cheering you on during the race. We can always push each other when needed and we know each other very well so we know each other’s strengths.
·         The route is a gentle downhill slope the entire way.
·         The medal is so cute. I really want one. 
Jury is still out…I’ll keep you posted.
In other health news – I am still going along, counting calories and carbs. I am managing to stay under my calorie goal but I’m finding it really hard to get back down to 35 grams of carbs per day. I’m holding around 45-50 most days but not giving up on it. Fluids are great – about 120 oz a day of which 100 oz is plain water. I never drank this much plain water until Allan’s challenge so I have to thank him for introducing me to that.
My doctor changed my thyroid meds about three weeks ago and I am feeling like maybe it’s too low now. I am finding myself feeling sluggish and lethargic  more often again and waking up tired and that is always a sure sign that my thyroid is off, plus I am always cold lately. The other night I slept in socks and gloves. Anyway, I’m getting blood work done again in two weeks, if there’s anything weird, she’ll call me – she’s an amazing doctor.
Now that I re-read this post, it COULD be the thyroid issue that caused me to feel so crappy during the run…I’ll see how the next few weeks go and wait for the bloodwork.


  1. again - this is my 2 min set break from essays so it'll be brief. Just wanted to say I wasn't pulling your leg on congratulating you on your 5k time. I like to think I'm in alright shape, at least fitness wise, and that is what my last 5k time was! I'll also say that you're certainly right, there is ALWAYS room for improvement and I'd like to get mine lower just like you're aiming to do. It's only ten minutes above average though, and that really isn't that much. You also have to consider that a bunch of people may be natural runners or have been training for the even for a long time. Last thing, a friend from my crossfit gym was there and she did the 30km, she's doing a 100 MILE race in the summer which I think is nuts! But it's pretty neat that you guys were at the same event :)
    Keep on keepin' on! xx

  2. I thought you did amazing. The thing that I find hard is the endurance and sticking to running the distance. I get so bored and tired out, so to me, even though you think it's not a great time, you did really, really well.

    I understand about the meds, it took me AGES to get a correct level of thyroxine, so hope you feel a little better on the new dose soon or you get it sorted. xx

  3. Oh wow, im so far behind on reading blog posts but sounds like youre keeping fairly busy!! Hope whatever is bogging you down gets resolved soon.. the good news is your still making those plans to keep running <3

  4. I rarely have good runs... I feel like I'm too fat for the benefits to outweight the detriment it does to my joints. I keep telling myself that once I hit 290, I have to start running more consistently. But the times I've actually felt in the groove of running is when I've got a great playlist or a consistent beat.

    There's a great podcast out there called podrunner. It's mainly techno. But it goes at the same beat for over 50 minutes. Perfect for running or consistent cardio. It also lets you know how many beats per minute so you can assist yourself in picking up the pace. :)

  5. I actually thought you did very well. It's not about how fast you can do it, but about how you can keep working and improving, competing with yourself! :)

  6. Enza....I am proud of you for setting a 40 min goal for 5k. Who cares if you don't reach it but its something to target. Its not about time (even though I can get mixed up in it); its about changing worout routines to make your body do new things. I know you can do the 10k--you are actually a fast walker..worst case scenario you walk!! Great job Enza--love that your mixing it up! Its just another reason to believe you will get where you want and need to be! :)

  7. Listen lady, you failed to mention that you were running uphill for a good part of the course and I think that Wednesday could have been several things. You just finished a LONG work day, you looked tired (maybe still from Sunday's race too), and there could be unresolved thyroid issues. You are awesome! You did WAAAAAAAAY better than me at the race, I didn't even participate! I'm here to support you and we'll do awesome tomorrow! Truth be told, I'm really scared:)

  8. Don't sell your self short! You finished... YOU DID GREAT. And your new goals are great too. Keep it up!

  9. Yay...earlier today I couldn't post, but my test just worked.

    Don't downplay your success Enz! You are a RUNNER! You have achieved something really awesome. If you go check out Fran's blog, she has a great graphic regarding running...that's you!