Dec 3, 2009

And in other news.....

Outside of reading The Beck Diet Solution - I've been doing well this week. I've eaten within my points and made mostly healthy choices. I did have a Laura Secord French Mint bar last night but I counted it, fit it into my points and enjoyed every tiny bite that I took (to make it last longer!). I've been getting in all my dairy, protein and vegetables and remembering my vitamins every day!

I've been doing my Biggest Loser Jumpstart Workout just about every day and walking on the treadmill and outside alot.

Things are going well right now so I'm just riding the wave.

There hasn't been any "holiday food" show up at work yet and I know that will be a challenge when people start to give me cookies and chocolates as Christmas gifts.  My plan is to not open the box at work, because if I do and I eat just one - before I know it the box will be gone. If I bring the box home unopened I can give it to my kids or keep it for company and keep myself busy so I don't eat it.  Sitting on my desk at work, within arms reach - recipe for disaster!

I don't drink so I don't need to worry about the alcohol that will be flowing at parties and get togethers.

One day at a time - that's all I need to focus on.


  1. Mmmmmm...yummmmm...Laura Secord French can't understand until you've tried one!!!

  2. ah I dont do mint and choc together, I know, I'm crazy! Can't remember the last time I did alcohol either!
    As for chocs and work, yep, Hershey's kisses within reach of my desk disaster indeed, but I've been couting too!
    Sounds like you've had a great week! You've been sounding quite happy with yourself in your writing too :) You know, really enjoy reading your updates! Oh and saw that Biggest Loser workout at Target, any good? I'm trying to shake it up a little and mix in a little more than just Leslie...