Dec 28, 2009

Random catching up-ness!

Hello everyone!

It sounds like most of you had a wonderful Christmas and are looking forward to getting back on track towards exercise and eating less indulgently.  I am with you on that one!

We have one more get together next weekend on January 2nd but have no major plans for New Year's  Eve and will most likely stop in and watch DVDs with the kids.

As I mentioned in a previous post, I now have an iPod Touch and I am in love. I love gadgets and techy stuff so this is so perfect for me.  I made a decision before Christmas to cancel my WW online membership and to start counting calories as of January 1. My doctor is still convinced I am not eating enough calories and I was getting tired of keeping track of two systems and it was becoming cumbersome but I hadn't found a way to make calorie counting easy for me - I have now!!! on my Touch!   If this doesn't work for me, I'll just go back to counting points - I'm totally flexible.

I also downloaded the C25K program onto it as well. I am still not supposed to run because of arthritis in my knees and tailbone - but there is nothing stopping me from walking the program is there? I don't know why I didn't think of that before! I can certainly walk at a faster speed for the intervals instead of run and still get a better work out than just walking at one speed would give me so that's my new fitness goal for the next few weeks.

I am off work until January 4th and plan to enjoy the break from routine as much as possible.

OHHHHHHHH - the best news! I finally have my Diet Coach for the Beck program.  Well I now have two, one via email and one in my friend Shelley that I mentioned back in the Day 6 post. We finally got together for lunch today and she wants to focus on her health and fitness as well so she's going to read Beck and we're going to work this together and be each other's support. Great thing is, she lives in Oakville, about 20 min away from me so if our schedules can line up, I'm hoping we can work out a work out session every week to keep each other motivated. Will keep you posted on that one.

That's all for now folks, my turkey soup is wafting up the stairs and it smells delicious, off to eat!


  1. I love turkey soup!!! Yum! Lucky you with the I Pod touch! I hope it helps keep you tracking it all! I'm back in routine with ya!

  2. New reader here...
    Looks like you are all set!
    Arthritis in knees and tailbone? I can relate...I have rheumatoid arthritis. Having arthritis and trying to stick to an exercise regime is very difficult. Congrats on your accomplishments!