Dec 4, 2009

Finally Friday

I seem to be living for Fridays these days!

Thankfully today will be low-key and low-stress at work today. I am having lunch at a pub in the Distillery District with some coworkers and it will be a fun afternoon.  I've strategically planned my breakfast, dinner and snacks so that I have maximum points for pub fare, but I think I'm going to stick with some kind of salad and grilled chicken because the last few times I've eaten there, I've felt sick and bloated for the rest of the day.

I have no plans for the weekend other than clean house and laundry. What an exciting life I lead!!  I will get out and walk or hike on one day and today or tomorrow I am going to sign us up for the YMCA. Hey...then I can go to an aquafit class on Sunday! Done!

I need to head to Costco after work tonight to pick up my sons' Christmas presents so I will be able to put Day 3 of the Beck Diet Solution to the test - only eat while sitting. I forgot to pack my folding chair this morning so it looks like I will have to walk right by all the samples without stopping....can I do it? I'll let you know.

I feel like cooking tonight. This week has been a bit busy and we've been eating quick foods - we picked up take out one night only, the other nights were soup and sandwiches, yogurt, cereal, salad etc for dinner. But tonight I want to "cook"....what sounds good? Give me some suggestions. We eat pretty much anything and everything except tofu and some seafoods.


  1. I just read about the Beck Diet on Jen's blog and that's how I found you!

    Nice to meet you :D

    I love weekends when nothing is planned - for me this weekend it will be busy! My husband and I are going to a soft opening of a restaurant - dinner and drinks are free!

    Then my office Christmas party which is always a good time.

    I love taco salads! You get the best of everything - ground beef taco meat and veggies and cheese!

    My dressing is 1/4 cup greek plain yogurt with 1/4 cup taco sauce - lo cal and so good!

    Happy Friday!

  2. I made a huge pot of lentil soup last weekend and it was a huge hit with the entire family. Once it gets chilly, we seem to gravitate to soups, stews and chili.

  3. Are you still coming to the Santa Shuffle tomorrow? Let me know, I can email you the details on where and when we're going to try to meet up. :)

  4. Well... You COULD sit on the ground to eat the samples lol.

    But then they would want to put you in a straight jacket :P

    I so wish my weekend was boring. I am looking at a very busy one. Dog training... Santa Claus parade.. dinner at a friends, groceries... house cleaning... laundry...birthday party. Tired just thinking of it. Oh.. and the gym. Two times. UGH!

    :) Good luck with day three!!

  5. breakfast for dinner? I did that yesterday and all Loved it! Today it's brats and mash with green beans here. And oh boy ideas...mmm....chicken parmesan, mac n cheese, baked potatoes, casserole?
    And same here exciting life wise! Kids house cleaning! and most times that's exciting enough! Would love a night at the pub tho....never been for kareoke....sounds like a ball!
    Have a great weekend! :)