Dec 28, 2009

Day 19 - The Beck Diet Solution

A bit of an interruption there because of the holidays and the craziness of the season but I am happy to be back on track with both Beck and myself!

I reported a 0.6 gain after Christmas Day, I'm happy to report that I am down 1lb from then - so I am considering Christmas Day a weight loss success.  Onward and downward from here and hoping to break 210 by January 1. Will keep you posted.

On to Beck!

Day 19 deals with "Fooling Yourself" or what I like to call "delusional dieting".

Any of this sound familiar?

  1.  I'll only eat one cookie.
  2. How bad can one cookie be?
  3. It's okay to eat this because I ate healthy all week.
  4. I deserve this because I ran that extra mile today.
  5. I deserve this because I had a crappy day.
  6. It won't matter if I eat this now, I'll eat a lighter dinner.
  7. and on and on and on!
I admit, I've had these thoughts and others before. Somehow we convince ourselves it's ok to eat something that is not going to further our weight loss efforts and then when we don't get the results we expected/wanted, we have forgotten all those times we did this and are truly confused as to why we're not succeeding as well as we thought.

This chapter was to reinforce two things - every bite counts - write it down and to continue to be diligent in ending uplanned eating.

Another really short chapter.

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  1. Yeah, I'm a big "I deserve this b/c I feel crappy" and "I ate well the rest of the time" person. This is definitely important!