Dec 16, 2009

Hard-core Holidays!

The scale said 214 this morning.

No, I'm not going to  scream - it crossed my mind for a minute though, believe you me.  I know the fluctuations of daily weighing and really don't freak out day to day - and look at it week to week, so I'm aiming for a loss by Saturday - preferably from the 212 that I weighed on last Saturday.

Not sure if I'll get any planned exercise in today, depends how late I am out this evening, but I will park as far away as possible every time I go somewhere and go for a quick walk at lunch.

Today's eats:
(For some reason, it wouldn't copy and paste from the WW site)

Update: I realised around lunch time - that I forgot my lunch bag on the coffee table, so I 'm flying by the seat of my pants here today.

Carnation Instant Breakfast with 1% milk - 3 = 3/26

Apple - 1 = 4/26

Veggie Delight on a Flatbread Wrap (Subway) - 4 = 8/26
1 pkg Lays Baked potato chips - 2 = 10/26
Tim Hortons multigrain bagel with light cream cheese/tomatoes - 8 = 11/26

1 pkg Liptons Instant noodle soup - 1 = 9/26
Rice Crispy square - 2 = 13/26

Vanilla bean latte (skim milk) - 4 = 17/26
Biscotti - 4 = 21/26


  1. Weighing in is so stress inducing. Every Tuesday, I pretty much think about it all day. I don't know how you can step on the scale every day and not go insane. But if it helps to keep you motivated, that's a good thing.

    I like how you define being on plan even if you haven't eaten the exact items you planned to. I think that is very balanced.

    I hope you do see 210 by year end. You deserve it!

  2. I weigh myself pretty much every morning and every night, sometimes I forget. I aim to be under whatever my last weigh in was by nighttime, and I must say, lately it's been the case, except for Monday night, after the cookie episode! Urgh!
    It's frustrating indeed.
    All you can hope it by the time the official day comes, you're all squared away and either even or under. Sometimes though, scales just hate us! They're EV-IL!

  3. I'm the same as you - I weigh every day, but only "count" my weight once a week (on Fridays).
    Those fluctuations during the week can get crazy, but they also kinda keep me in check - I'm less likely to overeat if I see I'm up a pound or two from the day before!

  4. I really try to limit my scale-peeking to once a week. Those daily fluctuations will mess with your mind too much.

    Good luck navigating the holiday season.

  5. I only weigh once every couple of weeks and I was so emotionally wrung out this week I missed my weigh-in. I don't own scales so I have to fire up my Wii Fit to weigh myself. Actually I should get back to my own blog and post about what is happening (always great to read back).

  6. I used to weigh every single day religiously. I've only recently been able to cut back to once or twice a week.

  7. I have an obsession with the scales and their magical powers to change my mood for better or worse! I try to control my inner urge to weigh everyday, but it's not always successful! If I show a gain I try not to sweat it....I have an aversion to sweat anyway! My official weigh-in day is Monday, so any other day I show a gain I don't consider official!

  8. the scale is evil - stay off it :-) you are worth more than a number, keep doing what you are doing and it will work it self out!

  9. I am also a big fan of staying of the scale. I prefer once a month. I will be weighing in after two weeks on the South Beach Diet to see the loss.

    Seeing the number go up and down so much can mess with your head.