Dec 7, 2009

Snow In The City

It's snowing in downtown Toronto!

Just really light flurries, but still...our first snowfall!  Now it feels like Christmas.

Anyone have a surefire way to win the lottery?  Three weeks before Christmas and I need new tires, Iain has to have his wisdom teeth out and we have Den's driver's assessment to pay for.

I'm not greedy, I don't need millions -  just a few thousand.  It never rains but it pours, huh?

Just more challenges to get through...lucky me!

I did read Day 6 of The Beck Diet Solution and need to do some thinking about it before I make a post, so it may not be tonight, but definitely tomorrow or the next day - so bear with me.

Not much else going on in my corner of the world, I watched Angels and Demons last night and actually really liked it, much more so than The DaVinci Code, although I did enjoy the A&D book more than DaVinci Code as well, so I guess that makes sense. 

Plans for tonight: rework my budget to fit in all of the above, cook dinner, do laundry, think on The Beck Diet Solution....sleep!!!

I didn't get to the Y over the weekend, I just had so much running around to do and the one time I drove by, it was so busy there...and now with all these unexpected extra expenses (really Iain's teeth is the big one!) I am not sure I can swing it  :(  I'll have to crunch some numbers and see. 

My friend has a gym and pool in her condo building that she said I am welcome to use any time, the problem is that she lives in the east end of Toronto and I live in Mississauga - so its not really convenient and I will end up paying a fortune in gas driving back and forth.


  1. You've really been making me want to pull out my copy of Beck Diet Solution again! I do think it's one of the most sensible weightloss books I've ever read.

    Hope you figure something out with the gym!

  2. Ugh, it seems like all those bills come in at once, don't they?

    Can you work out a payment plan with your dentist? Sometimes they're willing to take several payments for really expensive stuff.

  3. oh yeah, dental expenses are ridiculous. I've got this GE money Care credit thing, it's interest free for a year and so we put every dentist expense on there and make sure to have the balance paid for before the interest tags on, and that's after paying for dental insurance too!
    Does it mean Canada is like the UK, free (sorta) healthcare but paying out of your *** on dental?
    Oh and I finally got to the Y, hope you do too soon. I certainly know how the bill calculating goes, drives me totally crazy!!! Wish my husband would be more thankful for me taking care of it instead of constantly questioning me where money goes, it goes to.....BILLS!! LOL
    Well, best of luck on the lottery tho, and if you win a million, but only need a few thousand, I'll gladly take care of the remaining balance for you :):) LOL

  4. I so hear you about the lottery. We had to get new tires, replace a taillight, oil change and inspection all in nov-dec. A few grand would be awesome, haha. If I win I got you covered :)