Dec 4, 2009

Day 4 – The Beck Diet Solution

For Day 4 Beck talks about giving ourselves credit when we do something right in our diet and our journey to a healthy weight.

She says that too often, we make one mistake and allow that mistake to sabotage our efforts and escalate into a complete downfall.

Once again, this is something I’ve learned with Weight Watchers. If I make one bad choice, I can start over with my very next meal. I don’t need to write off the whole day or week. 

Beck suggests acknowledging the mistake, making a plan of how to handle the situation next time it occurs and then giving yourself credit for what you did do right.

She suggests keeping a daily list of what I did right and well today to recognize that this is not an easy path and that it will take work and continued to effort to reach my goal but every little thing I do that contributes to that goal deserves credit and self-praise.

For me, this blog is a way for me to celebrate my every day successes and my struggles and to acknowledge that I’m not perfect but I’m not giving up.

Each day, I’m going to list three things I did to contribute to my weight loss goal.

1. I only ate while sitting down.
2. I stayed within my points and met all the Good Health Guidelines.
3. I did not overeat at a restaurant today.

Following Dr. Beck’s plan, I also read my cards 2x today. So far so good.


  1. Yay you!!!!

    This helped me a bit because I was beating myself up about missing an exercise day.