Dec 13, 2009

Funky Sunday

There seems to be an "air" in blogland the last few days of people in a funk, feeling down and struggling with balance and energy in their lives.

I had a day like that yesterday too, I think it's the time of year, the weather, the shorter days......the universe working against me ..... who knows?

I'm glad I'm over it today.

I ended up having a nice evening, despite a down day. We went to my sister's and she made a delicious, traditional Italian meal and we spent hours around the table eating, talking, laughing (not eating for hours, you know what I mean!) and it reminded what this time of year is really all about.  Thanks Louisa!

This year has been challenging, the last few months have been nightmarishly so. Every time I thought I had one problem licked, 2 more would come along. It's been hard to focus on everything and there are days I ended up focusing on nothing at all.

But I wake up each day (thank you, Universe) and set out to try again to make this day the best it can be.

Thats what I think balance is. I don't think it's trying to do everything equally well every day, I think it's a longer term thing. Sometimes the kids are more important, sometimes I am, sometimes work is, sometimes paying the bills is - but in the end - to make sure it all balances out and I'm expending most of my energy in the right places (family and me), the blips that come along aren't so important.  I'm not sure I'm being clear and even as I re-read this post, I realise it doesn't make much sense - but it helped me to feel better this morning and that's the most important thing.

Day 13 of The Beck Diet Solution will be up later tonight - I am still organizing my thoughts around it. So...stay tuned.


  1. Makes sense to me. Especially when you thank the universe for waking up every morning. The opportunity to embrace a new day and do the best we can with that day, whatever our best may be on that day is not something to take for granted.

  2. thanks! I needed to hear that one, even if it wasn't for me personally. I needed to hear sometimes that it's ok to not get everything done ALL at once!

  3. It does makes sense. Sometimes we have to shift our focus and that is just the way it is.