Dec 15, 2009

Fed up!

Ok, so I stepped on the scale this morning to see 213.2 lbs.

Now I've been hovering all over the place from 210 to 214 for the last three months - Sept, Oct and November. The last three months, I know my head wasn't in weight loss mode, it was in maintaining and doing my best just to cope. Lots of personal and professional issues had taken front and centre stage and I changed my focus from losing weight to just not regaining and it worked.

The last two weeks, since December 1,  I have been in weight loss mode - or so I thought. I am working hard, working out, eating diligently and I am not seeing results. I know sometimes the scale doesn't show hard work right away, but I need to break this cycle before I lose my motivation.

I know I'm doing about an 80/20 plan and it's gotten me this far. Now I need to up it. It's not working anymore. I need to break past this, I'm not calling it a plateau because I know the last few months I wasn't putting effort in, before it becomes my downfall.

Seems like a strange time of year to be hard-core? Nope. It's not. It's the perfect time because when (not if) this holiday season is over and I have come through it losing weight, I will know I can do this, that I will get to my goal, that I will continue to lose past the 210 lbs mark and beyond.

Not two minutes ago, a  co-worker offered me a box of Quality Street (my favourite, lots of fond memories of my Nana in England with that purple tin!) chocolate that she was given. I said "No thank you".  She put it out in our coffee area for everone instead. I am not going to have any.  I don't need chocolate right now. I need my resolve to break through the 210 lb barrier. 

I know I said my focus wasn't on weight loss it was on eating healthy, getting fit and maintaining my blood sugar and that is still true - but this is a mental thing for me - I haven't gotten past this barrier in so long. It's the barrier I give up at. I am not giving up this time and the only way to prove that to myself is to blast through it.

Stay tuned.


  1. I'm with you Enz - hard core through the holiday!!!

  2. you've totally got the right attitude so no giving up now lady!!! you stay focussed, and result will come!

    And OMG you said no to Quality Street? Ahhh the memories indeed!
    And that is a HUGE victory right there!

  3. I love your attitude! Saying no is hard sometimes with so much food constantly surrounding us. I think I could gain weight here at the office just by breathing in too deeply there's so many goodies around here. Just don't give up and the scales will eventually move in the right direction!

  4. Before I lost all my weight the holidays were just a time to eat as much as I could. But like you, I realized that the holidays need to be treated like any other time - what moves you towards your goals?

    Great job on refusing the treats the co-worker offered!

  5. Focus focus focus! You can do this. I am enjoying the South Beach Diet so far. You have to cook a lot and be really prepared when going to work, but it will be worth it when I weigh in on December better be!!! LOL!

  6. Enz, what fantastic determination you have! Woot!

    I'm convinced sometimes our bodies just need to hold on for a bit. It's frustating, whether you give it 80% or 100%. Time and perserverence will get us through!

  7. Enz - awesome attitude. Best part of what you have been through lately is that you allowed yourself to not gain. I remember reading once about plateaus - nothing really wrong with them just enjoy the view before you head back down the hill to success again. Your resolve shows that you will be heading in that direction very very soon - wait for me - ok don't wait just know I will be coming along sooner rather than later to that beautiful Onederland!!!