Dec 23, 2009

Day 18 - The Beck Diet Solution

I have to admit, Day 18 seemed a bit anti-climactic after Day 17's revelation.

On Day 18 Beck asks us to focus on not eating to the point overfullness.

The test she uses to determine overfullness is:  Could you take a brisk walk immediately after eating? If no, you're overfull, if yes, you're not and if you're not sure - then try it!

I think the next few days are going to focus on listening to our bodies.

This was another very short chapter and I really don't have anything to say, personally, about it, except that I am going to be very diligent about not getting overfull during the holiday meals.

Giving myself credit for:
1. Reading response cards 2 x.
2. Tracking everything I ate.
3. Not giving into workplace holiday treats.


  1. ok I just gotta say huge kudo's for not giving into work treats! I absolutely failed today and am in awe of all the no-sayers in blogland! VERY well done!
    And will totally remember the walk trick!

  2. I totally believe in stopping just before full. It feels so much better. I NEVER want to feel stuffed to the gills again!

    It's so nice that you're doing all of this reading and reporting for us! Thanks!

  3. Congratulations on your accomplishments ! It takes a lot more to get the scale to move than simply a numeric equation of calories in vs calories out. It is our behaviors leading to those actions that will mean permanent success.

    I am enjoying reading your thoughts and experiences with The Beck Solution ! It gives a lot of food for thought

  4. I hate the feeling of eating until I'm stuffed. Before I started my plan to get healthy I used to do that quite often, and last night I witnessed my son following my past, bad example. I think the Beck Diet Solution is very interesting! I enjoy reading as you're learning thru experience!