Dec 6, 2009

Slow Mo Sunday

Remember the old Six Million Dollar Man and Bionic Woman tv shows?

Remember when they would show them running  and jumping in slow motion?

That's how I feel today. Like everything is in slow motion, underwater or in a fog.  I just can't seem to get my shit together today. Lord knows I had enough stuff to do and I just couldn't focus on any one thing or complete anything. I hate days like that.  Throw in some temperamental teenagers (I had no idea that boys go through hormonal stuff as well - I thought I was lucky having two boys!) and life pretty much sucks today.

I'm tired as well and just don't feel like eating at all and have been forcing myself to eat something every 4 hours.  I will have no problem staying within my points today!  I threw a pork tenderloin in the oven a few hours ago and have some home made mac'n'cheese and brussell sprouts in the oven right now so dinner should be pulling together in about half an hour then I think I'm going to watch a movie on my laptop in bed and fall asleep.  What an exciting life I lead!!!

I think part of the problem is that I am a true introvert, I need alot of "me" time to recharge and the last few weeks I have had little to no "me" time and I am feeling overwhelmed by Christmas shopping, Christmas prepping and job hunting.  I still have a few vacation days left this year and I may take one day while the boys are still in school and Den is out and just chill all day with a pot of tea and a good book...that is always good for what ails me.


  1. A pot of tea and a good book sounds like a great way to get in your me time.

  2. Your perspectives make sense. You understand yourself and that's half the battle, I think. Enjoy a quite, me time evening.

  3. You should definately use one of those days off-you deserve it :)