Dec 31, 2009

Grab Bag

This post is a bit of a catch up again of questions/comments/emails I've recieved from other bloggers.

Progress Pics

I've had a few people now, more than once, ask me when I will post current pictures. My plan was to post every 50lbs because I truly hate the camera, I am not the least bit photogenic and that has nothing to do with my size, even at size 5, I hated having my photo taken.  I am closing in on 50lbs so hopefully by the end of January I will have a new pic for you.  The pic on the right in my profile info was taken during the summer and I think shows some of the weight loss in my face.

The Beck Diet Solution

I am truly enjoying the feedback from you all on this little project of mine.  It really does help me to stick with reading it knowing that people are waiting for my updates and having this sense of community is an important motivator for me.

Diet/Exercise plan

I don't often post my food or exercise unless its truly memorable for some reason, it's just too cumbersome and would be boring to type, and read, over and over. I'm pretty much a creature of habit.  Until this week I was following Weight Watchers but have now switched to counting calories on the advice of my doctor, so I'm going with 1200 calories a day and see how it works. It may require some tweaking and I am not a set in stone person, if it doesn't work, I'll figure it out as I go along. So far though....I seem to be doing well :)

Weight Loss Posts

I also don't often post my weight or my weight loss. I weigh every day so I always know where I am. When I started this attempt on January 28, 2009  my goal was to get healthy, manage my blood sugar and cholesterol levels and the side effect would be losing weight. Losing weight was not my primary goal. I find whenever I start to focus on the weight on the scale too much, I lose sight of everything else and end up failing miserably.  I try to look at my weight loss as an ongoing event and look at the milestones.  The next milestone for me is to reach below 210 - my lowest weight in 5 years.  Once I get there - I'll set a new milestone - 199.  Slow and steady wins the race for me and keeps me going day after day.

Who am I?

I don't share a lot of personal stuff on my blog just because I am a private person by nature and don't share a lot of personal stuff in real life either!  I am not trying to be mysterious or vague, it's just my personality :)

But here's a little bit about me :)

I'm 42.
I'm a Scorpio.
I've been married for 21 years to the same man :)
We have two teenage boys.

Ok Ok...I know it says all that in my profile!

Seriously, I am just a normal person.  I work,  I come home,  do housework, cook, fight with the kids and husband, love my friends and family passionately, love to read, am hopelessly tone deaf and have eclectic music tastes but am very definitely "an 80's girl".  My most prized possession is my wedding ring. My favourite books are The Chronicles of Narnia. I first read them when I was 6 and I read them at least twice a year. It never ceases to amaze me how each time I read them I learn something new about myself and my life and how I want to live it.  My recent most favourite novel is The Time Traveller's Wife by Audrey Niffenegger.  I love to cook. My favourite food to cook and eat is Italian.  I eat very little red meat just because I don't like the texture. I absolutely hate cooked oatmeal and no matter how many ways I try it - cannot get past the fact that it reminds me of baby vomit.  My father is Italian and my mother British (English), I was born in England but have lived most of my life in the Toronto area and love Toronto and its diversity and multiculturalism.  I have 3 younger siblings that mean the world to me, 2 brothers and one sister.  Three nieces and one nephew and hoping my newly married sister will give me another niece to spoil one day (no pressure Louisa!!).  I've struggled with my weight since my early twenties, until then I was average size, active in an every day kind of way, I never did formal sports or exercise.  I'm only 5'0 tall, lots of people say they imagined me taller when they first meet me...I'm not sure what that means exactly!!!  My favourite physical feature are my blue eyes and my favourite characteristic is my loyalty and dedication.

Ok..more than you wanted to know?

Thank you all again for your support and encouragement.


  1. Great post Enz. Thanks for sharing. I'm kind of a private person too but I'm starting also to feel more comfortable with putting more real life stuff on my blog.

  2. loved reading that post! Very nicely worded, you already sounded like an amazing lady to me, even more so now, and nothing boring about every day life, we all live it :)

  3. We have several things in common. The Chronicles of Narnia is one of my favourite series and I also love The Time Traveler's Wife.

    Cooking is one of my passions and I also looooove to read.

    Thanks for sharing part of you with me!

  4. I loved reading this!! I love Chronicles of Narnia too!!!

    I also love to read!!!

    Welcome to 2010 and thanks for sharing!