Dec 2, 2009

Day 2 – The Beck Diet Solution


Today is Day 2.

I did well today, I read my Advantage Response card three times today and asked myself how important each one was to me.

Day 2’s task is to pick two diets, one to start with and one as a back up in case #1 doesn’t work.

Well, my first and only choice is Weight Watchers. It’s reasonable, it fits into my life, it allows me to eat anything in moderation with no deprivation and it is easy to incorporate into any situation and is healthy.  So…right off the bat, I’m breaking a rule!!! I’m OK with it though because I know I don’t need a back up diet.

Beck lists guidelines for a “doable diet”:

Your diet should be healthy.

Weight watchers encourages drinking water and eating a high fibre diet, including healthy fats each day and meeting the 8 Good Health Guidelines.

Choose a diet that includes foods you like and can easily prepare.

Any food at all. Fits, I think!

Choose a diet that’s flexible.

Can we say “flex points”?  In addition, there are no “rules” and no “off limit” foods so it is easy to fit into any lifestyle or situation.

Choose a diet that allows you to budget for indulgences.

Daily points, weekly flex points, activity points! TONS of room to indulge in a controlled manner.

Learn from your past.

The (Weight Watchers) program works when I work the program!

Beck suggests writing other response cards as required. This is a quote from the Day 2 chapter that resonated with me, so I’ve put it on another card to keep with my Day 1 card and read every day.

“Once I  accept the fact that I have to follow a healthy eating plan for life, dieting will be easier.”

I have been working on accepting that I will always have to watch what I eat, that I will have to have a plan for the rest of my life otherwise I know I will gain the weight back, so this is validation for me that I am working towards the right mindset.


  1. LOVE the attitude, great approach!

  2. I love that you are sharing all this here - I think what you're doing can help so many others.