Dec 23, 2009

Vitalicious Public Service Announcement

Received this today:

Dear VIP (Vitaliciously Important Person),

Vitalicious is heading to Costco and you are invited to join us!
A special 12-pack of our delicious and nutritious Deep Chocolate VitaTops is now available at select Costco stores near you!
Click here to find your nearest location. Look for our scrumptious, better-for-you baked goods in the Frozen Breakfast Section.

We hope to see you there!



  1. awesome! Thanks for the info!

  2. now the US and we're all set, or do they have 'em and I just been too blind to notice?

  3. nevermind, just found out my local store should have 'em, big DUH in order for me! LOL Thanks for the webaddress tho, reminded me to check ;)