Dec 17, 2009

Day 16 - The Beck Diet Solution

Day 16 is about ending unplanned eating. 

She reminds the reader to use the craving conquering strategies (mindset and behavioural) and to make unplanned eating not an option.

She talks about the stress we put ourselves through when we eat something we didn't plan, and the stress of deciding whether or not to eat it and how that stress is relieved once we make a decision, so why not make the decision "to not eat anything unplanned".

This chapter is only 2 pages long and I think, in comparison to other chapters and the enormity of the topic, it's very simplistic.

I get the concept and I know from personal experience, it works. Only eat what you planned (and I broaden this definition not to include specific foods but the amount you are eating in terms of points, calories, meals whatever the "plan" is), i.e. stay on program, on plan, within your calories (whatever you want to call it) and if you have planned well, you will lose weight. 

Basically, she's saying "Just say no!" and practice, practice, practice.

Beck says to consider this a rule like other things we do in our life that we do not give ourselves a choice about, we just do it because we have to:

  • brushing our teeth every day
  • showering
  • going to work
  • paying bills
If we put unplanned eating, or sticking to our plan, on that list - then it's easier.

I made a response card that says,

"Eating outside my plan is not an option to be successful and lose weight."

I've added it to my other cards and will read 2-3 times a day.

What do you think about this? What do you do when faced with going off your plan?


  1. I'm not sure I want to compare my weightloss journey to paying bills LOL ;)
    Makes sense, cos the guilt only consumes you anyway. I wish I wouldn't feel so bad about dipping into my flex points, after all they are there for me to eat, but man I feel bad going over my daily pts! Working on it though... I'm like that little "work in progress" sign!
    Hey and good job with the mealplanning today!

  2. Great post! I do not give myself an option to go off my plan. I usually know ahead of time when we are going to be eating out, and I take time to plan ahead and figure out how many calories I will eat beforehand. My doctor told me, "Ddo not let anything pass through your lips if you do not know exactly how many calories it contains."

    I don't always listen to times I think I would rather put all her kids through college, but I try to live by that word of advice!

  3. I like the idea behind this chapter. My problem is that I tend to want things more when I can't have them. Wonder how I could get around that.

  4. I like to make a plan and stick to it. I had a team lunch today and I stuck to my plan, I have a party on Saturday night and I will stick to my plan. You just have to make the plan and make the decision. Just like brushing my teeth!

  5. I have very mixed feelings about this chapter. I totally understand where she is coming from but this is one topic where this approach negates real life scenarios. So we should never go for spontaneous lunches with a friend? Or anticipate and enjoy the surprises and unusual foods at a work pot luck? It's just too hard core for me. And I ♥ Dr. Beck for the most part!

  6. Thanks for all your comments.

    Tamara, I was also conflicted with this, its much easier in theory than in practice, isn't it?

    I am interpreting it in my own way to mean that as long as I stick to my plan - which right now is 26 points a day and meeting the GHGs - the *what* of what I eat is less important. So if I plan for rice and chicken for dinner at home but then go out and have steak and fries it doesn't matter as long as I've stuck to my points, I'm still "on my plan" and this is not unplanned eating.

    I'm interpreting unplanned eating as being outside of my points (DP, WP and AP) or just eating crap (like I did the other day).

    I think like all kinds of therapy, you have to take what works for you and leave the rest.