Dec 5, 2009

Saturday - Tale from the Scale


Just a quick post this morning while I drink my coffee before rushing off to a busy, errand filled day.

The scale this morning said 211.6.  That's 0.4 down from Monday and I'm good with it. I know I had a great week and the scale will show it in time. Once I break 210 I will be at a weight I have not seen in 5 years! Once I break 200 I will be at a weight I have not seen in over 13 years - since being pregnant with "baby" Liam.

I will write more later with the Beck update.


  1. :) Not too far off from that 210 huh! Keep going, you're soooo on your way to even further than that! I haven't seen 200 myself since "baby" Jesse(teenager in January!!!!) (almost 14 yrs ago!) So here's to us getting acauainted with those numbers again, cos we're sooooo worth it!! :)

  2. Exciting! You're doing great!