Dec 31, 2009

Day 21 – The Beck Diet Solution



Moving right along to Day 21.

If you follow Beck’s plan strictly, you would now be finishing your first week of dieting and be ready for your first weigh in.  I weigh in every day so that doesn’t really align with her plan but it works for me.

Her message about preparing for weighing in is very good though and I think would be very helpful for a lot of people who let the scale dictate their actions/feelings for the day after weigh in.

She says the purpose of the weekly weigh in is threefold.

  1. They allow you to celebrate and build up your confidence when you’ve lost weight.
  2. They keep you honest if you’ve gained weight.
  3. They help you stay committed to the program.

She goes through an exercise that demonstrates the powers of sabotaging thoughts if the weigh in is not what the reader expected.  The thought of “Why bother? I’m not losing weight anyway, I might as well eat what I want since it’s not working.”

She also recommends making a weight loss graph to have a visual of your success and to show you patterns that may emerge during your weight loss journey. Recognizing the patterns can go a long way to alleviating the self-induced stress.

Big message from Beck in this chapter.

Don’t expect your weight to go down every week – it won’t.

Personally, I think she could have done a little more in this chapter to explain the whys of weight fluctuations.  Here is a site that I was given on the Weight Watcher Canadian site that does explain why sometimes the scale doesn’t seem aligned with our efforts.

Daily Weight Fluctuations.

Sneak preview of Day 22 – We’re moving into a new section of the book titled, “Responding to Sabotaging Thoughts” and the next seven days are devoted to that topic.  Day 22 specifically addresses dealing with disappointment.



  1. Enz,
    I found that weight fluctuation site very informative. I didn't realize it takes that many calories to gain a full pound of true body weight. I liked the idea of reweighing the next two days if there is a gain, reducing sodium intake and upping the water intake. Thanks for that!

  2. The fact that I had to consume that many calories to gain ONE pound and that I am 200 pounds overweight is astonishing! Shocking and embarrassing! Super proud of you for sticking to the Beck Diet. Keep up the good work and Happy New Year!

  3. I found these chapters of Beck to be really helpful. So many of us let the scale dictate our mood and our entire outlook on WI day. It's so important to be aware of the big picture.

    I have to keep reminding myself that it took many years of bad habits to get to where I am and I'm not going to undo those habits and get thinner quickly. It just doesn't work that way.