Dec 9, 2009


We did wake up to some snow this morning, but by the time I was driving into work it was mostly freezing rain and drizzle.  The highways and roads were fine. I did see some accidents along the way, I think people were just following too closely. The roads were wet and slick with slush, so stopping needed more time and distance.

When I left downtown Toronto this afternoon, there was no snow, just some heavy rain. Coming into Mississauga and around my house, there is about 2-3 inches of snow – not as bad as was predicted for this area.  I just want a white Christmas :)

I got some crappy news at work today (about work) that really pissed me off and fuelled my motivation to start job hunting sooner rather than later so that is going to be my project for the next little while.

Any of you in the GTA know someone who needs a great Corporate Trainer?  Let me know!

My weight loss/healthy living stuff is going well. The Beck Diet Solution is really making me think about a lot of things that I had taken for granted and reminding me why I am doing this on on a daily basis and I love the comments I am getting from other bloggers – very thought provoking!

My body is definitely changing as well. Today I had three slices of pizza, cheese and veggies, from a national pizza chain and I felt so sick afterwards. Not full-sick, because they were small slices – but heavy, bloated, UCK sick, you know?  The food just felt like concrete sitting in my stomach.  Part of that may have been the reaction to the news I was given as well – but I spent all afternoon feeling like a ton of bricks was in my stomach. It’s a little better now – chamomile tea works wonders! There was a time I could eat a whole small pizza, wash it down with a couple of cans of diet coke and follow it with chips and dip.

I am weighing in every day and seeing my usual…2 days down, 2 day up, 2 days the same, 1 days down….so hopefully by Saturday I will see a down for my WW recording weight.  The ups and downs are variations of 0-2 lbs usually and I know, for me anyway, are totally normal. It’s always exciting to see a new low number – even if it doesn’t register on my official day – I know I saw that number and it will be back eventually!


  1. Sorry about the work crap! Sometimes work can really suck, then I remember all that money that goes into the bank every two weeks.

  2. It is good when the unhealthy food just doesn't feel good anymore. Does it stop us from eating it all the time? Hell no. But it stops us from eating it some of the time and eating less of it when we do!

  3. pizza at work too for me blew a bunch of pts today and like you it wasn't even that satisfying, at least I bulked it out with salad and FF ranch! Sorry bout work and good luck on the job hunt, hope it goes well!
    Also I'm the same, up up down down and never at the lowest when it's WW time, but I like your point of view tho, you see it so positive...nice! x