Dec 4, 2009

Costco Update

I was in Costco for 2 hours!

I DID NOT sample one thing! I walked right by, I did not even stop to look and I did not miss anything!

I DID NOT get a sundae from the snack bar - I love their this was a huge thing for me to skip. I've had one many times before, counted it and moved on - and I could have eaten it sitting down, either in the car or in the food area, but I wasn't hungry and knew I would be having dinner when I got home.

I got almost all my Christmas shopping done at Costco and have the mile long receipt to show for it.  Then I stopped at Canadian Tire, they didn't have what I needed, so I went to Wal-Mart and picked up two things and looked for the third. Honestly, I know Wal-Mart associates aren't paid alot but could they at least pretend to care about customer service? Honestly, I don't know why I shop there. Although Canadian Tire didn't have what I needed, they were so friendly and helpful and suggested other places I could get what they didn't have!  Anyway, I found the items on line (I'm not trying to be mysterious but the person they are for might read this!) and just ordered them a few minutes ago - I am in no mood to go store hopping.

Didn't make it to the Y tonight, but will tomorrow for sure.

I haven't read Day 4 of The Beck Diet Solution yet but I will tonight and either post much later or sometime tomorrow.

Did I miss anything? Oh, The Santa Shuffle is tomorrow and I want to give a big shout out to the Toronto area bloggers who are doing it and wish them a perfect weather day and lots of fun! And to Syl and all the other people doing the Santa Shuffle across Canada.  My son Liam and I were going to do it as well but then we decided we would join the Y this month and to put the fees for the Shuffle towards the Y membership instead.

I did go for lunch today with my coworkers but it was so cold out , I decided to skip salad and ordered "Dragon Chili" instead, which was not very "dragon-ny" at all, but still delicous and easy to count.  I also stopped at the Soma Chocolate Store and bought a small bar of their sugar - free chocolate. It is so delicious. I eat one tiny square at a time every few days and it lasts me about a week and a half. It's the perfect treat around 3 in the afternoon at the office!

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