Jul 15, 2009

15 Week Challenge - Week 3 - Challenge

So this week's challenge from Amy is to eat clean for one entire day. The Workout Wednesday challenge is spend 20 minutes walking/running, that is, in that 20 minutes, some of it must be spent running.

Both of these are perfect for me for two reasons.

1. I had planned to start the Couch to 5K program this week.


2. Last week I was so unmotivated and uninterested in the whole weight loss/healthy living thing and was just going thru the motions but not really putting into any real effort into it. The clean eating challenge forced me to focus on food and eating. This really kick started me back into the right mind set.

I will post #1 later tonight or tomorrow..but here is #2.

Two things that I noticed about eating clean for an entire day: I drank way more water than I normally do because I didn't have an open can of diet pepsi on my desk all day and I kept craving coffee so whenever that happened I would drink water. Secondly, I ate way more protein than I normally do as I had to replace the carbs (bread, crackers, pita, etc) with something to stop from starving all day!!!

So breakfast was a smoothie. I wanted to make a Green Monster but didn't have any spinach so I had to settle for a strawberry smoothie - plain yogurt, soya milk, strawberries and ground flax seeds.

Morning snack was a hard boiled egg and my favourite apple, Royal Gala.

Lunch was a roasted green pepper stuffed with lean ground beef, black beans, tomatoes, onions and carrots with sides of mashed turnips and butternut squash.

Afternoon snack was another apple (we were low on fruit at home) and some cheddar cheese.

Dinner was whole wheat pasta and oven roasted vegetables (peppers, zucchini, onions, garlic and tomatoes) tossed with some EVOO.

A big thank you to Amy for this week's challenge and for organizing the 15 Week Challenge.

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  1. Looks yummy! I haven't done the challenge, and I don't know if I will this week, we're in the midst of moving and haven't been cooking much, so we'll see.