Jul 28, 2009

Non Scale Victories

Last night I got myself caught in the "losing 100 lbs is going to take forever" trap. I was feeling unsuccessful and unmotivated and wondering if I'd have the strength and motivation to keep this up until I reach my goal weight.

So I had to remind myself that this was a life time journey and if it took a year or two out of my life to get to my goal, along the way, I would be healthier and happier and probably have a longer lifetime at the end of it.

I started looking for some non scale measurements.

BMI - loss of 6.6 points
This one is amazing. Here is a BMI calculator.

I'm 5'0".

At 250 lbs my BMI was 48.8 (starting weight)
At 225 lbs my BMI was 43.9 (10% goal weight)
At 221 lbs my BMI is 43.2 (current weight)
At 199 lbs my BMI will be 38.9 (my next goal)

Waist - loss of 3 inches
Jan 31 - 44 inches
July 28 - 41 inches

I can tie my shoes!
To clarify, I have been able to tie my shoes since I was 4..but for a long time I couldn't reach my feet, I would have to put my foot up on a stool or step, because my stomach would be in the way .but now I can bend down and reach my shoelaces. Soon I will be able to paint my toes :)

This blogpost is one I go to whenever I feel like this. And each time I read it, I am re-energized and motivated and reminded that I can do this.

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