Jul 9, 2009

Thursday Blahs..


So I’m at work – day is almost over and I’m in such a blah mood.


The last few days have been so stressful and I am not sure why. I haven’t slept well at all, last night I did but I crashed and it wasn’t restful sleep but  I have to admit I did feel better this morning than I have all week…physically that is.


Emotionally, mentally I’m just blah. Nothing seems exciting today. I met a friend at Wendy’s for lunch today and nothing appealed to me. I ended up ordering a Jr. Hamburger and a side salad and didn’t finish either. Normally I love getting out of the trailer at lunch time but today, blah!


I have no idea what to do for dinner, I vaguely remember promising the boys I’d make chicken parmigiana – but now I am thinking about it – what a lot of work! I’d love to go home, curl up with a book and a pot of tea and not talk to anyone or do anything, you know? 


I need to do this week’s 15 Week Challenge workout yet (Thank you Amy! – this one looks much less overwhelming than last weeks) and do my park workout and post and plan meals for next week so I can get groceries on the weekend.


I had planned to go to Buffalo on Saturday to pick up some food items that are impossible to find here, but right now – even that seems daunting and normally I love the day away and the browse around Barnes and Noble, some quiet time at Panera’s with a book and just browsing my faovurite stores. (Shopping is not in the budget this month).


I’ve been doing ok staying OP with WW and I track every day without fail, even if I eat crap.  My weight is coming down, slowly but surely and soon I will reach my 10% goal. So why am I feeling so blah about this whole process today?

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