Jul 1, 2009

Canada Day

Happy Canada Day!

I hope everyone had a great day with family or friends.

Today is also my oldest son's (Iain) birthday. He is now 15. Where did the years go? Where did this handsome, 5'9" young man come from? It wasn't so long ago, he was a 9lb 8oz infant that I was so scared of!

I was thinking today that he has never seen me slim. His entire life, I've been "the fat mom".

Anyway...enough of that. We had a nice day today celebrating with him and our family. He bbqed for all of us. He has taken so much more responsibility since Den had surgery and he has grown up alot in so many ways - good ways.

The first Workout Wednesday for the 15 week Challenge was today and I didn't do it :( I had completely forgotten about it until just a few minutes ago and went and looked it up. Having now read the workout , I don't know if I would have been able to finish it, it looks quite challenging - but I would have tried to do some of it if I had remembered...I have put it in my calendar for next Wednesday though!

Tomorrow night I'm going to make my recipe and post the pics for that part of this week's challenge and Friday morning will be my weigh in.

I noticed alot of other bloggers that I read are also doing the challenge so the competition is fierce. This is my first on line challenge so I'm looking forward to it helping me to stay motivated and also to have some fun - winning would be a nice bonus :)

This morning I tried pressed cottage cheese for the first time. Let me tell you, I hate cottage cheese. I have issues with how it looks like baby vomit and how it feels in my mouth. A friend and my dietician suggested pressed cottage cheese. It's basically cottage cheese with all the liquid squeezed out and pressed into a block. I tried it today topped with strawberries and some honey. UCK!!!!! The texture, although drier, was still odd in my mouth and it had a wierd metallic taste. I did not like it at all. I forced myself to eat half then could not go any further. I dumped the bowlful into the blender, added some milk and whirred away. Drinking it was slightly more palatable...but I don't think it is something I will ever try to eat again. Hopefully my husband, who loves regular cottage cheese, will also love this otherwise I can see it will end up in the rubbish bin in a few days. UCK!! Did I say that already?

Before: Doesn't it look yummy? Not so much.

After: Still not so yummy..but drinkable!

On a food note, we bbqed today and had cheesecake for Iain's birthday and I used 29 points. My daily allotment is 27 so using two of my weekly points was pretty good and I feel good about the day overall. I did eat some potato chips and had two hotdogs as well as Yves Veggie Burger (also UCK and something I won't try again!) .

I have the rest of the week off work - major bonus and I plan to just chill, spend time with the kids and hubby, read, go for walks - and make some more of those wonderful muffins from the Oh She Glows website. I can't decide if I like the Power Muffins or the Nuttin But Pumpkin muffins the best...so I may just make both ;)

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