Jul 10, 2009


This week has felt exceptionally long!

Thank Goodness today is Friday.  I went home last night and crashed, got up and had something to eat, then crashed again. I do feel like I slept better but I still feel draggy and lethargic.  Hopefully I will snap out of this soon because it sucks.

For breakfast this morning,  I had oatmeal. I don’t know what I want for lunch and I didn’t bring anything. We are walking over to Loblaws at lunchtime so I will pick up something there. It is convenient having it just a block away.  I don’t feel like a frozen dinner today so maybe I will just get some fruit and one of their prepared salads, the spinach/strawberry one always looks good but I’ve not tried it yet or sometimes I buy a small rye bun and 50 grams of some kind of lunch meat and one slice of cheese and have that with an apple or orange. I’ll see what tempts me while I am there J

For dinner, I didn’t make the chicken parmigiana last night so its either that tonight or homemade pizza.

The scale showed a 1.4lb loss this week since last Friday. I weigh myself every day. I know its not recommended when you’re following WW, but it makes me feel better to see the numbers and know how I’m doing. I don’t get upset when I see it go up 2lbs in 24 hours because I *KNOW* I didn’t eat an excess of 7000 calories in 24 hours so I know its just water retention and I need to drink more water to flush it out.  Day to day I see quite a few fluctuations but I “count” from Friday to Friday and everything that happens in between is just a guideline. For example, on Wed I was 224.8 which meant I had reached my 10% goal but I wait until my weigh in day of Friday to see where I am.  I also average it over a month and if I continue to see 1-2lbs loss a week I’m happy. This means some weeks I may not lose at all and that doesn’t bother me because I know it will “catch up” at some point over the month. Seriously, it makes this numbers game so much easier to bear.

As I’ve mentioned a million times, I’ve been going home exhausted every night so have not done any exercise at all. I know I just need to START and then I will be fine but I can’t seem to find the will inside me right now.

I did look into rejoining the YMCA and going back to aquafit – I loved that so much when I used to do it 3-4 x a week.  I’ll talk to Den about it tonight and see what he thinks.

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