Jul 21, 2009

Tuesday feels like Friday

Today feels like Friday. Honestly. It is going to be a long, long week.

I woke up this morning with an upset stomach. I hate that feeling where you don't want to be more than 10 steps away from a washroom. Lucky for me, our washrooms at our construction trailer are out of order this week because they are putting in a permanent water line to the site, so going to the washroom means walking 4-5 minutes to Loblaws down the road. Lucky me.

The day passed pretty uneventfully, I had a ton of work and a training session at lunch time. I managed to get through the morning by drinking very little tea and eating nothing. By lunch time, the smell of the pizza was overwhelming me and I had one slice. Then I had another, then another, then another. Yes, that would be 4 slices. The only saving grace was that it was veggie pizza, light cheese on a thin crust, this is my favourite pizza and my coworker ordered it just for me - all the others were heavy on meat and cheese and crust. Strangely enough, the pizza did settle my stomach. I guess the bread soaked up all the acid churning around in there!

Once I started to feel better - I was hungry!

Then I had a rice cake and bag of low fat microwave popcorn. I ended my work day at 20 points of my allotted 27 - practically 100 % of processed carbs.

Coming home I had no idea what I wanted for dinner. The boys are out for the evening so its just me and Den. I stopped at the Loblaws near my home (not the temporary washroom Loblaws near my work) and browsed the aisles. You know that saying "Never go grocery shopping when you're hungry"? I now know why thats a good idea. Everything looked good. I ended up getting strawberries, grapes, low fat Cool Whip, VitaMuffins. Nothing yet for dinner. I kept wandering the frozen food aisles, Chinese, Asian, Italian - finally I lit upon frozen fish fillets.

I have never tried HighLiner, Healthy Bake Multigrain Breaded Fish Fillets. I liked how the picture on the box looked and the nutrition info looked good so I brought them home.

What to go with them? Risi e bisi - a childhood favourite. Basically a rice and pea risotto. I didn't have the patience to make risotto tonight so I just mixed some fresh peas with steamed rice.

And since I had my Italian heritage on the plate, I figured I should give a nod to the other half of my heritage and had a Bick's Pickled Onion. Lovely dinner for 5.5 points.

I couldn't get a good pic of the nutrition info for the fish - but here it is from the back of the box:

2 fillets: (3 WW pts)
160 calories
3.5 g fat
7 g of fibre

This is a salad plate, not a dinner plate!

So all in all today, I've used 26.5 points. I have lots of WP left over for the week so I can have a small snack of fresh strawberries and Cool Whip before bed with my last diabetes pill.

Hell's Kitchen starts tonight..if I can stay up that long. I am just so tired tonight. I seem to have these strings of days - 3 or 4 in a row - where I can't sleep at night and am just dragging all day. And even though I am sooo tired, I still can't sleep until I finally crash.

I do have alot on my mind the last few months and I'm sure that's all it is..but it just saps the energy right out of me.


Leanne said...

The fish looks great. I will have to try it.

Hey... don't beat yourself up too much about today.. you ate it and tracked it.

And luckily.. there is always tomorrow.


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