Jan 12, 2010

Habit A Week Challenge - Week 2

Lyn over at Escape from Obesity has posted the challenge for Week 2. It's to Move More.

First, let me chime in on how I did with last week's challenge, to increase fluid intake.  I wanted to drink 2 L of water every day at work. I managed 3/4 days (I was only at work 4 days) so I'm happy with that and this week I'll work on improving.  I have no problem drinking water when at home, it's only at work that I seem to fall short.

On to this week's challenge. Move more.  Last week I exercised 5/7 days so this week I am going to aim for 6/7 days.  Since I am already on Day 3 and have only exercised one day, I need to get moving, starting today!

Here's my plan:

Sunday - 1 hour tennis practice - done
Monday - nothing
Tuesday - 30 min treadmill
Wednesday - 30 min walking DVD
Thursday - 30 min treadmill
Friday - 30 min walking DVD
Saturday - 45 min treadmill


  1. sounds like a great workout week to me!

  2. Wow.. you are a force these days!!!

  3. Wow-you are really starting to motivate me the last couple of days-I gotta get cracking like you~

  4. I just gonna pass on Wii Fit tonight and just watch TV, cause I feel a little sick today. But after seeing your list of how you worked out almost every day, I decided I really don't feel that sick anymore and I'll hit the Wii for at least 30 mins. As if I needed another cue, a Wii Fit commerical just came on TV. Thanks for the motivation!

  5. I have you an award on my blog :)