Jan 8, 2010

Weekend Plans

I have a very full weekend planned. I can't remember the last time I had a weekend so scheduled!

First off, I left work early today to return/exchange some clothes in Buffalo. The drive was nice, I went alone which although I normally hate the drive alone, I enjoyed it. I listened to the radio, there was a light snow fall that looked so pretty...and I was able to be alone with my thoughts.

I had to return some yoga pants that were too big and I ended up getting a size Large from J.C. Penney. I was trying on 1x and XL and they were too big and I was getting frustrated, it honestly took me a good 10 minutes to realise I could try the L!  I was doing the same thing with Tee Shirts, picking up 20 and 22 and then getting frustrated and impatient that they didn't fit. I don't know where my head was today.  I also got a pair of size 14 black pants which was great for me because I am still wearing size 20s that are huge on me, but I didn't want to buy new ones and spend alot of money. Everywhere I went to day had huge discounts.  I ended up spending less than $100 in total and came home with yoga pants, tee shirt, black casual pants,  quilted Fall jacket, 3 tee shirts and 3 button down shirts.

I also got an armband thingy for my iPod (more about my arms in another post!) and I looked for the Leslie Sansone DVDs. Target had one called 1 Mile Power Walk. I walk a mile and a half on my treadmill every day, so  I was really looking for the 4 mile one but they had sold out so I'll look again when I'm there next month.

Ok...weekend plans.

Tomorrow is the X-Weighted Challenge sign up. I am going with a group of GTA blogging women to register in person. This is going to be so much fun. I am not good with challenges as a rule, but I think this will be different - 1. I have the support and encouragement of some great women and 2. I love this show!

I am also going to be meeting these women for the first time tomorrow. Hopefully I will not fall flat on my ass during the fitness test and make a complete fool of myself!    After the registration, we are going to dinner at Milestones.  I'm going to check out the online menu/nutrition info and decide what I'm going to have. I will, as usual, only eat half and bring half home or leave it. That makes the calorie count so much more reasonable.

On Sunday I am starting tennis lessons with my friend Tina. I've always wanted to learn to play tennis and now I have someone to do it with, I think it's going to be a ton of fun and great exercise for both of us.  We had meant to go snow shoeing this weekend, but that isn't going to work out - we will go - just not this weekend.  I think tennis will be a great workout.  The lessons are every Sunday morning for an hour until mid-March.

Well I need to go and sort stuff out for tomorrow as I will be out most of the day. You can be sure I will post pics and a full report of the X-Weighted Challenge registration and the blogger dinner.


  1. Tennis is great exercise and lots of fun. Good deal on having to buy the smaller size pants and have a blast at the X-Wieghted Challenge.

  2. Sounds like a crazy but fun weekend.

    Man, I need to go shopping with you. Sounds like there were some REALLY good deals going on.