Jan 9, 2010

X-Weighted Challenge - Fitness Assessment & Measurements

I met a group of Toronto bloggers to do the fitness assessment for the X-Weighted Challenge today.  It was not easy!

We had to 20 of each:

1. Start from standing, lay down on our back, stand up, jump up - repeat.
2. Hands on a bench and hop over the bench side to side.
3. Jump over a marker on the floor side to side.

The laydown/standups were by far the hardest and I had to really push myself to do 20, at 10 I could have stopped if there hadn't been someone there telling me to keep going.  It got easier after that.

My time for the fitness test was 3 m 4 s - not at all impressive.

Weight - 214.8 lbs
Chest - 42"
Waist - 44"
Hips - 45"

Now I'm going to whine a bit about the measurements. I get my waist measured every time I go to my endocrinologist as waist/hip ratio is an important number in diabetes care - and my waist has gone down from 44" to 38" in the last six months so to see the gym guy measure it at 44 inches really upset me.  First, it was measured over my clothes (elastic waist of my yoga pants and then a baggy tee shirt) and it was much higher than my natural waist (the smallest part of my torso).  The chest he measured under my arms rather than around the bust, so that number is definitely lower than I think it should be.  As long as they measure the same places again when we go back in July, I know it doesn't really matter - but the waist one did upset me a bit!

Skinny Me got a picture of us with the X-Weighted Executive Producer and it will probably be on her blog at some point over the next few days.  I am second from the right in the pink tee shirt. I haven't seen the picture yet so I'm being brave telling you to go look at it!

The site gives me a weight goal of 56 lbs in 26 weeks. That's over 2 lbs a week and seems a bit daunting to keep up consistently!! But I am going to think positively and make it my goal.

My user name on the X-Weighted site is bookenz.

I set my fitness goal as doing the CN Tower stair climb. There is one event in April and one in October.  The challenge ends in July so I'll do the April one and see how well I do and then for my own sake, do October and see how much improvement there is.

After the assessment, we got all dolled up and went to meet some more bloggers for dinner.  It was a nice evening. A great bunch of women, all with great stories to share and advice.

And I finally got to meet Tiffany from 12 to 6. Super nice lady  who made me laugh alot :)


  1. Sounds like lots of fun.

    My X-Weighted name is kthephoenix.

  2. Can't wait to see the pictures. How annoying regarding the measurements. Wear a bra shirt next time and you'll win for sure with the measurements at the end!!!! LOL

  3. That is so cool - -I wish I had been reading to see that this was happening. I wonder if they are doing a Vancouver version. I have always adored this show -- but it sucks about the measurments. Put arrows next time "measure here"

  4. Man I wish I heard of this challenge before-I will have to do something on my own-boo-sounds fun and motivating-That thing about the measurments suck-It would have bothered me too-