Feb 3, 2010

Day 32 - The Beck Diet Solution

Hello everyone!

Have you been missing Beck?

Admittedly, these last few chapters have not been as interesting to me as some of the earlier ones and I'm finding it a bit of a slog to get through the book, but  I am going to finish it so I can be a successful "Beck Graduate". I have learned a lot and put so much into practice so far.

Chapter 32 deals with sticking to your diet while travelling. She rehashes some of the techniques from Chapter 30- Eating Out.  I think the most important take away (for me) from this chapter was that we should make a conscious decision about our diet before we go on our trip. We have three choices:

1. Accept a small gain.
2. Maintain our weight.
3. Continue our diet as we do at home and continue to lose weight.

Once we have made this decision, create a response card and use it every day during your time away, whether it is for business or pleasure; then align your choices and actions with that decision.

This is a concept that Weight Watchers usually teaches around the holiday time or summer time, when people typically go off their diets or gain weight because of all the food related activities.  I think it's sound and I think it gives us a feeling of control.

Some other techniques include, getting a room with a fridge/microwave and keep healthy snacks on hand, have the hotel staff remove the goodies from the bar fridge, eat as many fresh foods as possible, keep fruit on hand for in between meals, make use of any fitness facilities that may be available, drink lots of water, get lots of rest and make a decision about alcohol.

We can't always control the food that is in our environment, even more so when we are travelling away from home, but we can control how we react to it and put a plan in place to do our best.


  1. Hi Enz -

    Thanks for this update from Beck. It does all sound like reasonable sane strategy that enables us to not feel untethered when we're on the road.

    I know you were under the weather for a while - hope you're feeling good!

  2. It is not only great to have choices, but to be aware of the power we have to make them. Today someone said to me "I am going to a function and I am going to eat crap and then a Superbowl party on the weekend and I am going to eat crap." I told them that was their decision to make...it wasn't something that was inevitable. The power of choice is awesome!!!

  3. Love that last paragraph. So very true!

  4. Last paragraph was spot on!

  5. For the most part I agree with the chapter, but one of our favorite things to do when traveling is try the unique regional food, and sometimes this can mean not eating healthy. For example, I I don't want to order a grilled chicken salad when I'm at the best BBQ joint in Texas. I let myself splurge a bit, then get right back on track. Of course I realize this doesn't work for everyone.

  6. Sigh... I want a vacation!!! :)