Feb 23, 2010


I was approached by the iChange website with an offer for me and my blog readers. It is 30 free access to their iChange program. I'm just going to cut and paste the email from them below.

I'm interested in what their program offers and will give them feedback as requested.  I hope you'll take a look and some of you will join so we can continue to support each other.  I am looking at this as another tool on my weight loss marathon and the more knowledge and support I have, the better armed I will be to be successful in the long term.

The group is called Downward Trenz and my user name is Enz.

There is no limit right now to the number of people you can extend this opportunity to so please feel free to invite as many people as you want.  Just to reiterate, there is no cost to you or your readers who join for this initial 30 day challenge.  Our ultimate goal is to get feedback on the 30 Day Challenge program and the iChange website from as many people as possible.

30 Day Challenge Test Details:
  • Here is your Private Group Link: http://www.ichange.com/partners/downwardTrenz Please feel free to post this link to your blog and/or send it directly to your interested readers.
  • The link will take you and your readers to a registration process where you/they can sign up for the test program
  • There is a 7 day window from today to register your group.  After that registrations will be closed.  If by some chance you need a couple more days just let me know.
  • Once sign-up is complete, you will all be in a private group that will be headed up by Diana Young, one of our Registered Dietitians
  • The program will be a 30-Day Challenge where Diana will give you and your readers a nutrition plan and set of guidelines with a goal of starting a healthy weight loss program of ~2 pounds per week.   
  • It will be absolutely FREE for everyone in your group.  After the 30 day test, you and/or your participating readers are free to continue with the nutritionist led program for $19.99/month, but there is absolutely no pressure to continue.  We are interested in getting feedback about your experience at this point.
  • You and your group do not need to disband after the 30 day challenge.  The groups functionality of the site is a free feature available to all members so you'd be welcome to continue, as a group (without the nutritionist) after your 30 day Challenge.
I have included a link to your,Nutritionist, Diana Young’s, iChange profile below.


  1. This answered alot of questions I had about iChange. They have approached me as well, but I wasnt sure about it and I havent had time to look it over yet. Ill def be checking it out now.....thanks! And good luck!

  2. I received the same offer. Seem interesting but I am committed to using MyNetDiary.com. It's working and I ain't changing it!


  3. I saw the word, "IChange" and wanted to scream.

    I just wrote a post about 'creating new' vs 'changing' bad habits! Pop over and tell me whatcha think. Discipline plays a huge role in the above goal.