Aug 21, 2012

And on the seventh day…

7.4 km total.

Tonight was hard. My legs felt like lead weights even during the first interval. Going down the stairs was hard, there were a lot of people running up and down, these are narrow stairs and made of steel so when people run you have stop and go right against the railing to let them pass and the stairs shake. Several times I felt dizzy going down.

From the stairs I went to the Escarpment Trail and ran in to the 2km mark, turned around and ran back to the stairs.  Running from 2km to 4km was better because its a gradual downhill incline and I thought my legs had finally worked themselves out.

The stairs were even more busy going up and I had to stop at every major landing, about 40 steps because I was getting vertigo and at one point I thought I was going to fall over.  By the time I got to the top, my legs were jelly and I had to sit on the bench for about 5 minutes.

I still wasn`t feeling well and I wondered if my blood sugar was low so I walked to Tim Horton`s which was closer than home and got a small chocolate milk and then walked home very slowly so my pace is all over the place for this workout.

Tomorrow night is the practice run at my running clinic and we`re supposed to do 7k. Wish me luck because if my legs are anything like tonight, it`s going to suck.



Streetlights were on before 8pm.


This trail is marked every 500m.



Anonymous said...

Hey girl...take it easy...all that vertigo doesn't sound good. Hope you are feeling better tomorrow. P.S. Are you eating enough for all the exercise you have been doing? Kimberley

responsibility199 said...

Yes, give caution to those vertigo sensations, no falling down allowed! Tim Horton's, hard to go in there and not get 40 Timbits.

Mick said...

Take care, exercise is great but don't overdo it, your body will tell you if you are doing too much.

upinthecosmos said...

Wow, I'd have given up with the dizziness and such... you are a trooper! I like that the trail is marked for ya so you know how far you've gone. I'm so bad with direction and distance that I have no clue, if it's an area I'm new to walking at, so I feel like it's never going to end and I'd love to have those little clues:-) I do wear a pedometer and try to track it on my phone apps also so I guess I can check those devices but it's so much better to see it marked... LOL

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