Aug 20, 2012

Running and the Universe

I am slow, clumsy and have no sense of direction. If I were a pessimist I would think the Universe is trying to tell me I can't be a runner. These three things definitely make running harder, but I am stubborn persistent, and don't like to be told what I can and can't do especially by something as capricious as the Universe.

Tonight I set out from home to run down the Jolley Cut again. I figured it would be about 5.5 km there and back and I would run a little bit past home to make up to 7 km.  I got down to the bottom and followed my 10/1 all the way from the start to all the way  back up, which meant I only stopped once on the way back up - go me! It was definitely easier than when I did it on Friday night with Guenther.

On the way back from the trail, my stomach started hurting so I stopped at Tim Horton's to use the washroom.  I turned off my app accidentally instead of pausing it :( No problem, I would just start a new run when I started back out again.

As I came out of Tim Horton's I tripped on the step at the door (this is the clumsy part!) and turned my foot. Thankfully not seriously, but I coudn't run on it, so I ended up walking the little more than 1 km home. Although I didn't do what I planned - run 6.0 km - I have still gone out 6 days in a row now which is pretty much an all time record and tomorrow is a new day! Today's total km = 5.79 km 

Walk - 0.5 km warm up
Run - 3.88 km (10/1)
Walk - 1.37 km cool down after turning my foot

This is a view of the path on the Jolley Cut trail. It was a gorgeous night for a run, cool  breeze, blue skies and lots of wispy clouds and sunshine.


  1. great job getting out 6 days in a row.... I hope the foot feel better soon.

  2. What a beautiful trail to run on. Kudos to you for showing the Universe that you can do it, or that you'll keep trying until you can! Hope that ankle is doing well for you, I twisted mine a while back and still have issues with it.... although I had issues with it before I twisted it so I guess it's just a problem child, or ankle:-)

  3. Let's focus on those positives, eh?! 6 days in a row is fantastic! Shoot! I'm jealous!

    Go, sweetie pie! Go!

    Well...after your ankle is up to it. :)

  4. I think you're too hard on yourself. You have grit, and you stick to it!