Aug 18, 2012

Saturday’s Run/Walk/Stair Climb

Actually it was more like…

  • Run 1 km
  • Walk 0.5 km
  • Run 0.5 km
  • Down the Wentworth Stairs
  • Walk 1 km
  • Run 1 km
  • Up the Wentworth Stairs
  • Walk 1 km

My legs were still really tired and heavy feeling from the last few days so I decided that although I did want to do something today, I didn’t want to run 5k or more again.

My GPS cut out at the top of the stairs so the route map and the km count is a little off.


Other random pics from my little outing.

IMG_1327[1] IMG_1311[1]

IMG_1320[1] IMG_1322[1]

IMG_1308[1] IMG_1325[1]


  1. Hi Enz! Gotta love it that you're doing those stairs! That's a whole lot of stairs. Wonder Woman!

    :-) Marion

  2. Excellent work! Great pics!

  3. That looks like a really pretty run, but those stairs look crazy!

  4. Those are crazy stairs, great job. The Garmin is 610 and ii got the Road I'd online. I found a coupon at my local Runnung Room in the Road ID brochure

  5. Wow that looks like a fun workout!!! It's really cool that you track your route like that. Does the GPS tell you the speed by colors or why is it in different colors!?